Brink & Campman Rugs

Brink and Campman Rugs

Brink and Campman, an artisan producer of beautiful rugs, as well as design studio constantly developing new fashionable collections, as well as creating novel and enticing structures to fit the latest trends in home interiors, decor & living. They strive to use beautiful, natural, materials combined with an artisan production process that eventually leads to a finished rug of the highest quality which is full of character in rich colours and enticing structures.

The Brink and Campman brand keeps in touch with the market and knowing what is going on in lifestyle, living and fashion. It also has developed some long-term partnerships and building a successful co-operations with some other well-known brand names such as Sanderson Rugs, Harlequin Rugs, and Morris & Co rugs, all for the Walker Green Bank group which also includes Scion as well.

Brink & Campman Rug UK collection, is renewed annually in September so expect fresh designs and exciting times each year if you are looking for a rug for your home. Buy the full range online.