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William Yeoward Rugs

Synonymous with unparalleled artistry and luxury, William Yeoward rugs are crafted by only the pinnacle of artisans, experts who dedicate their skill to produce magnificent pieces. With an unwavering commitment to quality, each piece is a testament to the brand's ethos. With each season comes a new wave of innovation. Highlighting their Spring/Summer 2021 collection is the Santa Fe design, available in vibrant jade and spice - marking William Yeoward's foray into the realm of Outdoor Rugs. While Ciotolli Jade offers a fresh perspective, the hand-knotted Meriel design gets a vibrant twist in jade, a color that currently resonates with the brand's vision. The latest Autumn/Winter 2023 offerings underscore our relentless pursuit of excellence. They proudly present three novel designs: Coralia, available in two splendid color tones, an inspired take on our beloved Rhoscolyn pattern, and Salila, epitomizing the zenith of rug craftsmanship. They cater to diverse needs with their collection available in three standard sizes, and many designs now extending to a fourth larger dimension. The Coralia Silver edition takes a step further, coming in unique oval and circular forms. Moreover, for those seeking a personalized touch, they offer bespoke sizes tailored to individual preferences. Dive into a world of luxury and explore William Yeoward rugs online.

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