Paint Tools & Accessories

Paint Brushes, Tools and Accessories

Using quality tools and accessories will help you achieve the perfect paint finish.

We are proud to offer the full range of Eco-Union paint brushes and accessories. Eco-Union specialise in premium quality sustainable products, made from either recycled, biodegradable or sustainable raw materials from a verified supply chain from start to finish.

Eco-Union paint brushes are environmentally friendly and made to last, hand crafted by 3 generations of brush makers here in the UK, using traditional tools and machines. The handles are made from sustainable bamboo, and the steel ferule is made from 60% recycled steel. 

Eco-Union roller trays are double award winning, both the trays and kettles are made from 100% recycled waste material and designed for optimum performance. Better still they don't need to be washed out.

Eco-Union rollers have a sustainable bamboo handle, recycled metal frame, and use recycled plastic end caps. Eco-Union dustsheets are biodegradable, and their painters tape is 100% recyclable.