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Final Considerations

Whether you are a budding interior designer looking to create a room scheme or a keen home owner looking for the latest curtain styles, the best advice anyone can give you before you tackle a new design project, window treatment or curtain design plan, is that you should take your time and before making any final decisions take into account some final aesthetic and budget considerations.


So this is what we would like to do here give you some final thoughts and points for you to consider before making those all important decisions.

Firstly, we consider it aesthetically in how the choice of window treatment will look and feel.

Then, when important to some, what budgetary considerations you may want to consider when trying to choose between fabric, treatment and so on.  

Aesthetic Considerations

Does the architecture dictate a specific style?

Or, perhaps the room is fairly featureless, and you would like to introduce a definite interior design style or interior theme such as traditional, modern or contemporary.

Can the Window Treatment be used to improve proportions and balance in a room?

For example a heavy fireplace on an opposite wall, or door to a hallway that might need balancing for example.

Would the length of the curtains affect the space in the room?

Floor-length curtains appear to reduce floor space whereas curtains that are caught back or made to sill length make this look greater, therefore in a small room it is advisable to use either sill length curtains or a good idea to tie back long curtains.

Would the choice of pattern on your fabric or plain material help to alter the apparent proportions?

For example, If the fabrics at the window contrast with the wall colour, they will draw attention to the window and its shape. Fabric colours that blend with the walls are better at disguising an awkwardly placed or shaped window, or where you have a room with several windows all of different sizes.

Does the window to be treated have good architectural features?

If so design around it and try to resist the temptation to overdress the window.

What existing décor is also in the room where the window treatment will be?

The look of the existing soft furnishings should always be considered in order to create a harmonious look and style.

What style of window treatment should be considered?

Keep your mind open and consider contemporary window solutions such as sliding panels, window films and etched glass as well as the more traditional window dressings.

Budgetary Considerations

If your curtain design plan is going to stretch the bank you may wish to trim costs by considering these options:

  • Window treatments that use less of amounts of fabric for example roman blinds are of course a less expensive option than full length curtains.
  • Patterned fabric will often require more fabric for the window treatment than a plain fabric, as the curtain maker will need to match the fabric pattern across the seams and therefore this could potentially mean you need to purchase more fabric. A large pattern repeats of say between 60-90cm is therefore a bad option when on a budget, therefore choose either a smaller repeat or plain fabric to save on costs.
  • Never attempt to cut down on fabric quantities it rarely works and can cause more issues than not. Always better to have plenty of less expensive fabric than not enough of an expensive one, as no one likes to discover that you need to order an extra drop of fabric. If the budget is tight consider a less expensive fabric from the outset or get seriously good advice from the outset.
  • Talking of good advice, a good curtain maker or professional curtain company should be able to advise on best ways, and options of trimming the budget.
  • Finally dress curtains could be an option, as these do not draw across the window one width of fabric is sufficient and therefore more economical as less fabric and making costs and you can opt for a blind of some description underneath for light and privacy.