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Dressing Your Windows

Once you decide on the style and fabric for your window dressing, it is time to consider adding finishing touches.

Decorative touches, such as finials, pelmets, and tie backs, and even curtain trimmings can add flair and drama to your windows and make your design look polished and complete.


End fabric
End fabric

Below we look at the different finishing touches for window treatments from pelmets to curtain poles, and finials to trimmings.

We have an ever-expanding assortment of curtain accessories online from stunning curtain tiebacks to trimmings from some of the worlds leading designer fabric brands.

Curtain Poles

Your curtain rod should complement the style and fabric of your window treatment and the overall design of your room. Decorative poles are available in different styles and finishes ranging from modern chrome to more traditional wood. Just look at brands like Byron and Byron or Houles for some stunning examples of what can be achieved.

Curtain poles Curtain poles


Finials are an excellent way to add style to an exposed curtain rod. Decorative finials come in a variety of styles from the very simple to the ornate. A simple, polished chrome or brass finial provides a contemporary touch while ornately carved wooden finials evoke a feeling of classic elegance. A delicate crystal finial can create a sense of richness and luxury.

Finials Finials

Curtain Pelmets

A pelmet is a fabric panel or a hard cover that conceals the top of a window dressing. Fabric pelmets, also called valances, can be made in contrasting colours, textures, and patterns to add drama to your finished window dressing. Pelmets can be made to arch over the window and may even have the same pleats and folds as the curtains. A hard cover pelmet can hang straight or arch over the window in various shapes. Some pelmet designs feature intricate carvings, scalloped edges, and mouldings.

Pemlets Pemlets

Curtain Tie Backs

Tie backs can be both functional and decorative. Tie backs allow you to adjust the amount of light entering the room. They also create a frame around your window which can help turn an attractive view into the focal point of the space. Your choice of tie back can emphasise your design style. For example, ornate fringed ties evoke a feeling of luxury while a simple leather tie appears more chic and modern.

Tie backs Tiebacks

Curtain Trimmings

Interior Designers and individual home owners to add difference to their curtains now have plentiful options to choose and source the finest quality trimmings such as tassels, borders, braids, gimp, fringes and more. Innovation, variety and exclusive collections online with diverse materials such as silk, wool, grass and wood has led to a huge selection online and plenty of options for both residential and hospitality interiors.

Curtain trimmings Curtain trimmings