Ideally you will have already installed your poles or tracks, or you intend to use your existing ones, and so you are ready to measure up for your curtains. Don't panic though below are options if you don't have a pole in place.

Measurements can vary by heading type of the curtain, so first be sure of the type of heading you want as each has its own merits. We will have a page up soon regarding curtain headings.

Choose between pencil pleat, pinch pleat, goblet, eyelet, cartridge, wave or tab top. Remember that eyelet headings and tab tops will only work on a pole.

STEP 1 - Measuring Curtain Width:


Measure the total width of your track or pole (excluding the finials) and only measure the window if it runs wall to wall.

If you are making the curtains yourself, add up to 10cm to the width measurement of your curtains to allow the fabric to overlap when curtains are closed.  If we’re making them for you we allocate an allowance.

WithOUT a Pole or Track:

Measure between the architraves (D) and add on an extra 30cm (12in) on each side to allow for stack-backs (E). Remember to add seam allowances. If it makes a difference with the amount of widths required per curtain you may get away with 15cm for stack backs for each side, but if any doubt please contact us and we can help you through it.

STEP 2 - Measuring Curtain Length or FINISHED DROP:


First choose how long you want your curtains, and what heading type you like.

If you’re using a pole, measure pencil and pinch pleat curtains from the eye of your curtain ring, and tab top and eyelet curtains from the top of the pole

If you’re using tracks, measure from the eye of the curtain glider on top of the track

Sill length curtains should hang to between 0.5cm and 1cm above the sill

If you prefer your curtains to hang below the sill, we’d suggest allowing an extra 15cm in length

Floor length curtains should finish 1cm to 2cm above the floor, but if you prefer a more opulent look, add an extra 20cms or so and let the fabric drape or poole on the floor.

WithOUT a Pole or Track:

Measure from the top of the recess to where you want your curtains to end and then add 15cm to allow for the fixing of the pole or track above the recess.

Please note if it is important that your curtains are an exact finish either to finish just off your floor or just below the radiator for example. It is ok to use this method for quote purposes but once the pole/track is in place then take the required finished drop.  

So that is a brief guide on how to measure for curtains, once you have managed to do so why not head over to our ranges of designer fabrics to choose a fabric and get an instant quote online using our curtain quote system.


Should you be in any doubt, or need further advice and assistance please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and allow one of us here to help you through measuring for curtains.

Images and vides to follow in due course.