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Zoffany Aldwych Fabrics

Revel in the opulence of Aldwych collection from Zoffany Fabrics. This curated range showcases three velvets, each exuding richness in a myriad of delightful colours. Perfectly suited for contemporary settings, Aldwych fabrics bring a splash of vibrant elegance, easily becoming the focal point in any room. Imagine draping your interiors in these luxurious velvets, or perhaps crafting made-to-measure roman blinds or custom curtains. The tactile nature of the Aldwych collection ensures that every piece stands out, offering a unique interior design experience. To complement this collection, view their Amoret, Oberon, Phaedra Fabric and Phaedra Wallpaper collections.Benefit from our range of custom-made curtains UK, and let our experts help you design the perfect space.

Zoffany Aldwych Fabrics
Zoffany Aldwych Fabrics
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