Morris And Co Archive Embroideries Fabric Collection

Archive Embroideries by Morris & Co. reintroduces exquisite designs by Jane Morris, May Morris and John Henry Dearle, alongside new embroidery interpretations of some of his best and well-loved wallpaper designs from the latter half of the 19th Century. Such designs like the Mary Isobel fabric is a beautifully ornate design created by John Henry Dearle and originally sold as an embroidery kit by Morris & Co. circa 1890. Named after the lady who embroidered it Mary Isobel comes richly embroidered on linen and on 100% silk and is also available in a printed fabric in the Morris V Collection. Other popular designs include the Kelmscott Tree fabric which is a new design by Alison Gee, and has been painted in the Morris studio and adapted into a beautiful embroidery of trees birds and flowers which is inspired by Morris bed curtains at his home Kelmscott Manor which were embroidered by May Morris in 1891 Kelmscott Tree. Anyone who has an interest in the Arts and Crafts movement of that period of time will of course love this collection, which is online and available to buy.