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Lizzo Rituals Fabrics

Rituals is inspired by the ceremonial grandeur of Beijings Forbidden City and the imperial life of Emperors, also revered as "Sons of Heaven." This collection, with its ornamental embroidery, toile de Jouy, sinuous velvets, and jacquards, recalls the opulence that defined the Emperors' stature. Available in color palettes that echo the legendary Orient, including golden, anthracite shades, jade green, ivory white, taupe, and champagne, Rituals is for those who seek to infuse their interiors with a sense of imperial majesty. We offer custom services to craft bespoke curtains, upholstery, and headboards that reflect the collection's magnificence, ensuring each piece captivates and mesmerizes, much like the imperial courts. With our design advice, the Rituals collection can transform any space into a regal sanctuary, paying homage to the splendor of ancient traditions.

Lizzo Rituals Fabrics
Lizzo Rituals Fabrics
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