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Lizzo Lost Island Fabrics

The Lost Island collection is a natural sheer ensemble that transports us to Turkey's Lycian coast, where ancient civilizations once thrived. Inspired by this region's exceptional beauty, the collection features net-woven curtains, interwoven threads, and jacquard fil-coup, all accentuated with natural fibers like linen and cotton. With a vintage look and special craft finishes, these sheers evoke the sifted light and earthy tones of the Mediterranean. Suitable for creating custom curtains that reflect a love for nature and history, Lost Island sheers are perfect for adding a touch of timeless elegance and artisanal quality to your interiors. Our services include crafting these sheers into bespoke pieces, complemented by design advice to ensure they enhance the natural ambiance of your spaces with their unique vintage charm.

Lizzo Lost Island Fabrics
Lizzo Lost Island Fabrics
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