Harlequin Jardin Boheme Voiles Fabrics

Harlequin Jardin Boheme Voiles Fabrics Collection

Jardin Boheme Voiles by Harlequin fabrics are effortless voiles that are intended to complement the vibrant and bohemian stylings of the Jardin Bohème Fabric and Wallpaper collections. Jarmila Fabric, that comes in nine colourways, presents bold horizontal woven stripes widely spaced on a crisp sheer linen, while the Reverie Fabric, vertical and horizontal chains of interlocking embroidered circles that create a striking and pretty voile, is perfect for hanging or pairing with a plain fabric, enabling the colour beneath to show through the perforated lines. Why not consider our custom curtains and sheer curtain services for any window treatment you may need, our in-house workroom at TM Interiors with over 35 years' experience produce quality at all times.