Clarke and Clarke Artbook by Kim Parker (Fabric) Fabrics <h1>Clarke and Clarke Artbook by Kim Parker Fabrics</h1>Clarke and Clarke Artbook fabrics are designed by Kim Parker (Fabric) Award winning lifestyle designer. Kim Parker is famous for her bold, exuberant floral style in contemporary colour. From an early age, Kim has dreamt of creating fabrics and wallpapers that transform rooms into lush, exuberant interior gardens. The collection is influenced by the beautiful wallpapers of the Arts & Crafts and Bloomsbury movements and rich hues often inspired by the textiles of India and Mexico. Thirteen pieces of original art have been carefully translated into beautiful printed linen and velvet fabrics and digital wallpapers. The <a href=Tatiana Velvets design is a remarkable painting of flowers on a black background, while the Zinnias Velvet fabric present colourful daisies on a white background. The full range of Clarke and Clarke fabric online and available to buy at TM Interiors Limited.