Casadeco Effect Fabric

Casadeco Effect Fabrics
Evoking a patina, natural colours, textures and light effects, The Casadeco Effect fabric range is a collection of fluid, easy-going fabrics, which provide your home interior all the comfort, freshness and softness that you need. The Effect collection is designed for people who require simple and authentic decor. It creates immediately an atmosphere of well-being which allows highlighting the beautiful things in your home, without sophistication. It also has more: a little retro touch. It is an ideal range of fabrics to match recovered furniture or designer pieces just a little outdated. A wide range of natural and very soft shades helps to create a pleasant home décor scheme that is bright and peaceful. Bright white, raw linen, stone grey, straw yellow, frosted blue... this palette exudes a deep sense of serenity. Easy to match, the colours of the Effect collection and are just discreet enough to give expression to your furniture and your decor. The designs play with matt and gloss effects to give abstract patterns, patina impressions. These materials worked with delicacy reveal the depth of their composition through the reflections of light. Sometimes a somewhat soft geometric pattern like with the Hexagone fabric and Rond fabric designs, create a dynamic addition and shows a more definite deco influence. Buy the full range of Casadeco fabrics online at TM Interiors.
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