Casadeco Edison Fabric

Casadeco Edison Fabrics
The Casadeco Edison fabric range is a collection of fabrics with very bright graphics effects and metallic colours, iridescent effects, carefully worked ultra-modern patterns, intense and deep colours to create a chic effect. Waves created by glittering signals, glossy screens with nebulous contours, geometric shapes crisscrossed with thousands of lines, with copper, gold, silver and pearl highlights. Edison fabrics are for those who appreciate a strong character in the decoration: grand, stylish and trendy when you look at their Shadow fabric design and Cercle Broderie Fabric for example. This rich range of fabrics can create a custom home and glitzy décor. The range reflects an ultra-contemporary spirit: it decorates rooms that are furnished in a minimalist style. Tables with tapered lines, modern and airy lighting fixtures, chairs and sofas in minimalist style. Some original pieces like a chair or a beautiful deco object can complete the Edison room set and compose a beautiful eclectic mix: everything is in the balance.
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