Anna French English Linens Fabric

Anna French English Linens Fabrics
Anna French English Linens are of the highest quality and are manufactured in Great Britain. Ideal for drapery and alternate window treatments, they are also upholstery grade. After time, most linens have a tendency to fade, but Anna French Linens will retain their color for years. It is a unique collection of 67 linens in a range of styles and carefully selected colors which have an Airo Finish, similar to tumble drying, which softens the fabric, gives it a fantastic hand and also prevents the fabric from creasing. An attractive design from the range is the French Stubble Fabric. A leading pattern from this range is the Scrim Fabric. Almost all Anna French Linens are machine washable - perfect for slipcovers or other applications where fabrics can become quickly soiled. Available to buy online.
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