Red Cushion

Red Cushions

Red is a bright and vibrant colour associated with drama, passion, and energy. Perfect used as an accent colour to create a real statement in your home. Red cushions are a fast update for any area. Red has long been an important part of folklore and a symbolic colour for many countries such as France, China, and Russia. Red is often a favourite colour for many people, it motivates people to action and can even be a sign of danger. Red shades cover many variants from deep and rich hues, through to red hot brights and paler versions with more white pigment. Red is a classic when mixed with black, white, and grey. Red and blue cushions are often seen together in nautical schemes, red and green cushions will be a classic Christmas look. Red, orange and purple together will give a stunning bright and eclectic look. Plain red cushions will be popular choices in velvet, satin and even leather. Look for simple red striped cushions, polka dots and of course red check cushions. A traditional country home will be much enhanced with red tartan cushions, formal settings will suit red and cream stripes or even red and gold cushions. Red cushions can be used in many ways, add some extra-large cushions on a sleek modern sofa, try some small decorative throw cushions with red detailing on a bed. Red floor cushions will work well in a playroom and don’t forget about cheerful red outdoor bench cushions for your garden. There are endless choices. Bespoke cushions are an important consideration in your home, we have a wide selection of cushions online here at TM interiors and can also make made to measure styles to suit you.

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