Velvet Wallpaper a Luxury Wallpaper

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Velvet wallpaper

Velvet wallpaper, who would have thought! No longer is it a requirement to get a fabric paper backed to hang on walls or wallpapers, luxury velvet wallpaper is now on the market, luxurious soft to the touch and a great way to add elegance to any interior environment.

Velvet Wallpaper

So where can you buy that silver or grey velvet wallpaper to use as a luxury bedroom wallpaper perhaps without the expense of trawling across the internet or searching UK designer boutiques.


Well right here of course, at TM Interiors we deal with high end expensive wallpaper for walls, so in this blog we introduce some of the brands always pushing the boundaries within luxury wallcoverings and designer wallpapers that are producing velvet, suede or crushed velvet wallpaper for high end interiors, architects and interior designers alike, to use normally (we like to think) on all four walls!!!

Elitis offers a sophisticated spin on this lavish textile with their Alcove Velvet wallcovering range. Warm hues, beautiful greens, intense blues and gentle yellows all can be found within this range of luxury wallcoverings which comes at a price, but then quality always does!


Grey and silver velvet wallpaper that is sold by the meter and is 130cm wide means it is ideal to save on wasteage, but remember to always use a highly experienced and reputable decorator to avoid any expensive mishaps when working with designer wallpaper.


The great thing about velvet wallpaper is you can literally wrap your walls in texture with fabrics specifically engineered for the walls that adds a degree of sophistication and opulence to many interior settings.

With Phillip Jeffries wallcoverings it is always all in the details with innovative textures, superior lamination and special finishing handcrafted by artisans in ranges such as Suede Lounge and Velvet walls. Look how well LA Designer Holly Hunt uses the Velvet walls range in this modern art deco installation.



Again plenty of colour options to select that perfect velvet wallcovering for a home interior scheme be it that luxury bedroom or perhaps choice home cinema, or whatever room in the house you want to add a double dose of quality and elegance to.


Arte wallpaper of course are always right up there producing luxury wallpaper not just for the UK but for the international market and their Flamant III suite range builds on the previous collections and introduces striped velvet wallpaper on a linen base in numerous colour options. We won’t say it has accoustic qualities but it may just help a song along.


What to say about the stripe, well without a doubt the simplest pattern in the world, and yet its possibilities for use in interior schemes and styling are endless.



This collection comprises six different striped patterns in diverse colour combinations, from subtle monochromatic palettes to striking contrasts.

This is a non-woven wallcovering with a refined linen texture in 6 striped patterns, actually sold by the roll 8,50 m x 0,70 m = 5,95 m² / 9.30 yds x 27.56” = 64.05 sq. ft.

Look how smart and luxurious these high end wallpapers can be used in commercial installations specified by architects and interior designers in hotel settings.


What if you want something more, like a floral velvet wallpaper design for example. Arte wallpapers have it covered, with what is essentially a flock wallpaper, and the attention to detail can be seen when looking closely at the floral velvet design of Metal Velvet Flower and Lin.


Taken from the same Flamant Suite range and looks great we think it looks its best when perfectly paired with plain natural linen fabrics and wood furniture or panelling.



We hope this has helped anyone searching for high end luxury bedroom wallpaper, we know grey velvet wallpaper can be a popular choice when looking for expensive wallpaper for walls.

TM Interiors supplies velvet wallpaper in the UK and beyond, please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any advice on quantities, hanging or appropriate adhesives.

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Velvet Wallpaper a Luxury Wallpaper
Velvet wallpaper, and luxury velvet wallpaper is now on the market, luxurious soft to the touch and a great way to add elegance to any interior environment.
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