Trimming Ideas Part 2

Published on: Mar 20 2018 by admin

fabric trimmings ideas

The other month we talked about curtain trimmings and decorative trim for different elements in your home (see the article here). You can match those ideas with our vast collection of luxury curtain fabrics online, and here we continue with some further ideas, and suggestions on how to use decorative trimings to bring a home interior or room scheme to life.

Edge The Curtains

Edging the curtains and then using the same curtain trim elsewhere will create a stunning match. Check out these curtain decoration ideas and get inspired define the right angles.

curtain edge trimmings

Create a serene-looking flow to your curtains by adding an elegant trim to them.

curtain edge trim

If you’re looking for something more than edges, you can embellish your curtains by playing with more than one trim.

greek embroidery trim

Adding a touch of Greek embroidery creates a sophisticated look that is timeless.

Embellish The Whole Room

Give your rooms a sense of wholeness by combining the same curtain trim or braids on different elements in order to make all of them look as if they were made to match. Consider matching your cushions with the curtains, or with the edge of your chairs, for ultimate elegance and style.

curtain trim

Adding the same or similar trim to your curtains as your cushion fabric is an option.

Greek embroidery trimmings

Match your furniture with your curtains by using the same braid on upholstery.

edging curtains trimmings

Sophisticated well-thought of designs require close attention to detail.

Line The Lampshade

fringe trimmings lampshade

Adding a subtle button braid or pompoms to the lining of your lampshades will freshen up your room immensely.

greek embroidery lampshade trimmings

Add a subtle touch of your curtain embroidery to the lampshades for example these black & white braids by Houles.

lampshade lining trimmings

Lining the lampshades with colors that flow is a fantastic way to add more freshness into your room.

A great way to really add variation to a room scheme is the clever use of a curtain trim, which is never confined to just curtains. With such variation available these days from luxury fabric companies such as Dedar, Zimmer and Rohde, Watts and specialist trimmings companies such as Houles and Samuel & Sons you can be spoilt for choice. These trimmings are very versatile and can be matched with almost any furniture or decorative element, adding plenty of personality and uniqueness.

Browse our library of luxury curtain fabrics online, and if required our vast range of trimmings as well.

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