Seven Rugs On Trend 2016

Published on: Mar 28 2016 by admin

Seven Rugs On Trend 2016

This is not going to be a in depth article on rug trends however there is a really good article on that over here.

We thought we would just look through our online rug portfolio and pull out a few rugs from our selection that, in our humble opinion, are worthy of a mention, and having seen them first hand perhaps worth buying. However we leave that choice to you!

This selection is pulled out on the backdrop of Pantone Colour of the Year being the pastel tones of Rose Quartz and Peony, and the Dulux colour of the year being Cherished Gold. The Dulux colour of the year being represented by athlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson, we can only presume Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet’s schedule was too busy to represent. Grey is also proving to be a little fashionable once more, but don’t take our word for it!

The interior design world has been influenced by the tropical and jungle themes swirling around home interiors and fashion over the last year or so, but is now moving into the 1920’s and showing a passion for Art Deco and Geometric designs. That being said there is also an emergence of pastel tonalities, pale non-geometrical patterns and free, natural shapes making there way onto rug designs also.

Designers Guild Colonnade Rug

It is fair to say the majority of Designers Guild rugs are on trend at all times, but the Designers Guild Colonnade Rug is a particular favourite of ours here. The rug features a unique blend of colours which creates this dramatic, stylish ombré checked rug. A ground of platinum grey features hand tufted viscose in tones of moss green and heather which is close to the Rose Quartz and Marsala Pantone colours of the Year 2016 and 2015 respectively.


Harlequin Shore Rug

Harlequin rugs have a vast array of designer rugs, but this Shore rug in Truffle if you are looking to do your home decor in a grey monochrome fashion. The starburst design is contemporary and gives a real impact to your floor while also going well with the Anthology wallpaper ranges.


Sanderson Manila Rug

Another Sanderson rug to add to the mix but what with the tropical/jungle theme that has been reverberating around the interior design world over the last 12-18 months. This theme is still being seen today, and therefore this large green tropical leaf design, which is in keeping and evolving with the “spring green” colour trend at present, is a good choice if you want fashion for your floor.



Nourison Rugs Amore

With the 1920’s and Art Deco scene in full swing in collections launched by international design brands this Spring then Nourison rugs Amore rug in Ivory Blue is the kind of geometric design that would have been celebrated during this period and movement, so why not move a geometric rug design onto your floor this year. I know it looks kind of stale but in the right setting it can work.

Harlequin Rugs Zeal Pewter

We know another Harlequin rug right, but really the Harlequin Zeal Pewter has a thread of gold, and yellow colour moving across the design so we could not help but to mention it. Manufactured by Brink and Campman rugs be sure to cherish this rug and chuck a bit of gold into your home decor and interiors this year.


Brink & Campman Kaleidoscope Delta Rug

Dutch manufacturer extraordinaire Brink and Campman have a great selection of rugs and their Kaleidoscope Delta rug is no exception. While the colours used here are on point with vibrant tones that are set to replace the pastel tones as per Pantone’s predictions in 2016, the style and design is quite unique and worthy of a mention we felt.


Sanderson Simi Rug

Sanderson rugs design Simi was launched a few years back, and why is it we think this design is on trend right now? Well if grey’s are fashionable once again, and you combine it with the splashes of colours featured in the design of cherished gold/yellow then this rug is in our opinion a great addition for your floor or home decor and interiors.


So there you are seven rugs on trend from our perspective, or at least from some perspective. We could have easily chosen another twenty or more, so feel free to browse our rugs online and find the right rug you feel works in your living space.

In other news excited to hear Jab rugs have just announced further additions to their extensive carpet and rug ranges be sure to check out their Red Thread collection. The latest however being Stardust collection of rugs, but we will have more information on that soon.

Buy all of the rugs above online at TM Interiors Limited with some available in be-spoke or custom sizes.

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