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Sanderson fabrics a couple of months ago launched their spring collection for 2014 and it is in association with Emma Bridgewater, who is well known for her British Pottery. Emma Bridgewater has this year been featured in a lot in the tabloid broadsheets, very keen to promote her efforts for continuing to manufacture all her products from their UK factory (well done!), so her association with the brand and heritage of Sanderson fabrics is a well thought out affair.

As discussed in a previous blog the need for the more commercial fabric brands to have a story or individual behind collections to feed traditional and social media the public’s appetite, is more apparent in 2014, when every designer’s portfolio is going online for the nation to collect ideas and formulate schemes from. So the association with the artist or craftsman allows the brands to keep the PR machine rolling and put forward a fairly unqiue product range that has the artists signature stamp on it. In recent times think Romo fabrics Black Edition with Jessica Zoob, and Zoffany fabrics with their Woodville collection, GP and J Baker and Ashley Hicks, and now Sanderson fabric release Emma Bridgewater Prints and Wallpapers.

Emma Bridgewater printsĀ  is a step away from their more contemporary fabric collection of Aegean, into a very casual and informal selection of curtain fabric, and designer upholstery fabric to perhaps reflect, and connect with, the wave of artisan feeling that is present in the UK, seen in the growing number of arts & crafts magazines found in your newsagents and TV programmes like Channel 4’s Monty Dons Real Craft.

So both Sanderson fabric studio and Emma Bridgewater have worked hard to capture the essence and original colours of the ceramic range, and the prints feature a mix of mid-scale, fun and versatile pattern designs. With ten designs in total that make up the collection, here’s how it breaks down.

A bit of fun Polka dot fabric and Polka dot Stripe


A bit of leafage with Egg and Feather fabric and also Figs


Some love represented by Hearts and Love



Some slight randomness maybe with Coral and Pomegranate



Our firm favourite Hellebore China, would be great to see it on a Sanderson rug perhaps in the near future?



And a nice little fabric to create a talking point and to finish off is the dresser fabric also available as a Sanderson wallpaper….


All fabrics are produced on natural unbleached cotton apparently chosen to reflect the natural colour of the earthenware clay, but if you have a dig around you will see Sanderson as always have created some easy to combine colour sets and therefore find alternative colourways to those listed here. Emma Birdgewater wallpapers feature seven of the designs and of course designed to work very easily with the fabric.

All products including Sanderson rugs are available to buy from TM Interiors Limited, and we also have a specialist in-house curtain workroom so if you are seeking Sanderson curtains allow our specialist curtain makers take the fabric of your choice and produce some stunning made to measure curtains to finish any bespoke window treatment you may have.

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