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Romo fabrics launch their new ranges for 2014, and it’s been a while since their last. I suspect mainly because they have been focusing on their new Romo Black Edition while also maintaining all their other fine brands under the Romo Group such as Zinc Textiles, Mark Alexander, Kirkby and Villa Nova.

romo fabrics madigan

We had a welcome visit from their company representative, and are awaiting books to arrive in the showroom for Madigan, Izora, Tremont, Delano and Layton. In the meantime we thought we would give the collection a quick review online.

We feel it is a rather subdued range for Romo in terms of colour compared with other collections, almost dare we say slightly more grown up. Even they describe the Izora sample book as “multi-coloured linen stripes and geometrics” which “stays on the cool side of sweet”. So a much more laid back palette, but that is not necessarily the whole collection however. I mean a quick look at The Tremont decorative weaves collection and it brings you back to the bold colourful detail that we have become accustomed to from Romo fabrics. Place any of these designer fabrics on a piece of upholstery and watch it come to life… great stuff.

romo fabric tremont weaves romo fabrics tremont weaves

When looking through the books we couldn’t help notice similarities with other collections. One in particular, for a similar mixture of pattern designs launched this year from Baker Lifestyle, the Denbury collection. Also another from a couple of years back, mainly for its colour tones rather than pattern(although not too disimilar), this time by Linwood fabrics and their Drummond and Drift collections.

So what are these similarities we hear you say? It’s not often we do direct comparisons with other collections. A lot of these companies we know, and expect, have their ranges not only planned a year or two in advance, but at least designed and signed off six months prior to their launch. Baker Lifestyles Denbury collection was launched in the spring of this year, so only a few months prior to this  new collection from Romo fabrics. Don’t take our word for it though see what you think.


So in the Madigan fabric range from Romo there are two jacquard patterns that in our opinion make up the backbone of the collection. Chaumont is a beautiful contemporary damask inspired by folk embroidery and I think you would agree from the images below it looks stunning on as either curtains or upholstery.

romo-fabrics-madigan romo-fabrics-madigan

The other is Madigan Chincilla this time inspired by an Indian Tree of Life Design, again a jacquard, with a nice floral design.

If you happen to be looking for jacquard florals of similar style though there is plenty of choice from Thibaut, GP and J Baker, Zoffany, Linwood fabrics and others have options.

But back to why we are seeing resemblances between the Denbury Collection and Romo.

Well here the Madigan Chincilla we mentioned above alongside the Denbury fabric.

romo-fabric-madigan-7691-02 baker-lifestyle-denbury-linen-fabrics

And Romo fabrics Chaumont against the Kinward fabric from Baker Lifestyle.

romo fabrics chaumont-7692-03 baker-lifestyle-denbury-fabrics-kinward-silver-ivory-fabric

Then then the rigby alongside the purcombe check

romo-fabric-rigby-7695-06 baker-lifestyle-denbury-fabrics-purcombe-check-delft-fabric

Then we come to look at Romo fabrics Izora decorative Linens the stripes in subtle tones, of Maresa, Melia,  and Amity which as mentioned earlier reminds us of Linwood fabrics and the soft palette from their Drift and Drummond collections.

romo-fabric-izora-6 linwood-fabrics-drift-fabric-collection linwood-fabrics-drummond-fabric-collection

Not only that but then looking at the geometric design of Timon, the wave zig zag pattern of Izora and the loose Ikat of Inez we again recall the designs from the Baker Lifestyle collection.

romo-fabric-timon-7708-01 romo-fabric-izora-7707-01 romo-fabrics-inez-7709-01

Why? because referring too the geometric fabric design of Ryton , the herringbone wave of Darley and the rough Ikat design of Milcote all seen in the Denbury collection from GP and J Baker’s other brand Baker Lifestyle.

baker-lifestyle-ryton-silver baker-lifestyle-denbury-darley-mauve-green-blue baker-lifestyle-denbury-milcote-blue

So hopefully by now you would tend to agree with our random thoughts here, that while the colouring is unrelated, and the designs are not identical the actual mix across the collection is similar. We know all collections need a certain balance of patterns such as floral, geometric, stripes so the consumer or Interior designer can work with and bring a scheme together. We suspect it’s the inclusion of Ikat, Wave (Herringbone) and Check designs all together in these collections which causes us to draw parallels. Or is this now the blueprint of fabric collections in the future? Companies must require all styles of design to tick the boxes of consumer and designers alike.

Well back to looking at the Tremont weaves which is a great sample book of designer upholstery fabrics. Put a few designs side by side like the Hawkbury and Lullford from Baker Lifestyle to continue the theme of this piece and we are still drawing parallels regardless of what others may think.

romo-fabric-tremont-3 baker-lifestyle-denbury-fabrics-hawkbury-silver-fabric baker-lifestyle-denbury-fabrics-lullford-stone-fabric

I mean we love the Emerson, Ennis and Austin fabrics from Romo but it is the houndstooth design of Tremont that is worthy of some further comments on this blog.

romo-fabric-emerson-7701-01 romo-fabric-ennis-7702-01 romo-fabric-austin-7703-02 romo-fabrics-tremont-weave

So Houndstooth has been around since the dawn of time right, but a couple of years ago we noticed that French fabric brand Manuel Canovas come out with, rather than the well known tight nit pattern, a much larger scaled version of the design which looked great. Blendworth fabrics included one in their collections, as did others. Our favourite take on the design however was Osborne and Little fabrics Soumak which was featured in their Tabriz fabric collection and which is actually woven with bouclé yarn, which offers just a great variation in colour.

osborne-and-little-tabriz-soumak-fabrics osborne-and-little-tabriz-soumak-fabric-F6451-02

After this you then start seeing the houndstooth design on bags, Kim Kardashian even wearing it as a dress (why do we mention this!), and, well take a couple of weeks ago for example and we see Mrs Kruger featured in a sunday publication dressed in variety of Houndstooth designs proving it must still be popular, so a worthy inclusion by Romo into the Tremont weaves.

photo 1

While in the process of recalling other houndstooth fabrics, Zoffany have in their Town and Country weaves collections from a couple of years back have their Burlington fabric. The following picture doesn’t do the overall effect of the collection justice, but again when you put Romo fabrics next to the Zoffany Town and Country collection, perhaps ultimately this was more of the style they were working towards than the Baker Lifestyle brand. Anyway worth checking the prints, weaves and fabrics from the Town and Country collection if you like this look.

zoffany-town-and-country-prints romo-fabrics-madigan-collection

Of course none of this really means a great deal apart from the fact we are privileged to work some great designer fabrics from a variety of designer brands which we like to compare from time to time. Should you need any assistance selecting from any of these designer fabric ranges for your home interior then please don’t hesitate to contact us for some friendly free impartial advice. We can also help turn any curtain fabric into some custom made curtains using our bespoke made to measure curtain service, all produced from our in-house workroom of over 35 years. Contact us if you have any requirements.




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