Romo Black Edition wallpaper

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Romo Black Wallpaper

Romo fabrics (The Romo Group) in 2013 launched their new brand Romo Black Edition and the idea was to create a new luxury fabric and designer wallpaper brand aimed at the higher end of the market. How you ask? Well through the use of innovative and new techniques such as digital printing and spray dying. As you can perhaps see below The Romo Black Edition fabric and wallpaper collections are able display complex designs with intense colour.


Of course employing techniques comes at a price and therefore these fabrics and papers are at price point above their other brands of Romo, Villa Nova, Kirkby which you could say are on par with the likes of Sanderson fabrics and Harlequin fabrics, and therefore Romo Black is more in the same league as there other brand Zinc Textiles.

Their first collection was back in March 2013 called Xanthian, followed by Romo Black Jessica Zoob Desire collection, and then their more recent collection Astratto. We are going to have a quick look into the Xanthian wallpapers here, but having a good dig over the last few days into all the fabrics and designer wallpapers we kind of feel the brand compares just a little with Tricia Guild and her brand of designer fabrics and wallpapers over at Designers Guild, that could be just us though….


Regardless, overall the designs featured in this collection of luxury wallpaper for home, are really strong and the techniques used on these all non-woven grounds include flocking, beads, and metallic effects. If your seeking companies that produce similar luxury wallpaper for home then why not try either Carl Robinson, Arte wallpaper (Arte International), Brian Yates, and I suppose Harlequin fabrics Anthology 01 and Anthology 02 which we mentioned in a previous blog. Also don’t forget to check out that french wallpaper brand of Elitis when it comes to stunning luxury designer wallpaper.

We wish we had the time to review the designer fabrics featured in the Xanthian collection, because when you see them combined they are quite special.


We referenced designer guild as a comparable brand and while this is still the case it seems to us the Black Edition label are creating something unique in their own right. Zinc Textiles of course is the other indulgent brand from The Romo Group stable and while this is a luxury brand aimed at the topmost end of the market and has some, and we say only some, resemblance to Andrew Martin fabrics, but possibly closer towards Dedar and Zimmer and Rohde, the Romo Black Edition Label is a lot more vibrant and colourful. As Emily Mould said “Black Edition is richer and more tactile, with sumptuous qualities such as velvets and silks giving warmth and luxury.”


Anyhow enough rambling let’s take a look Romo Black Edition Xanthina wallcoverings. If we recall correctly there are eleven designs in total and what is apparent with the non-woven backing which decorators love, is the collection contains two flock designs. So what is flock wallpaper we here you ask? Well just briefly it has been around for centuries, and has seen a resurgence in popularity over the last ten years or so, and the term flocked wallpaper applies to the way it is manufactured using a technique where fibres are applied to the surface to create a raised velvet effect. I know that’s not great detail but at least it gives you a brief introduction to what is flock wallpaper.

The first and we feel the most impressive flock wallpaper then featured, or should we say flock wall covering as this is no computer wallpaper, is the oriental inspired motif called Byzantine available in some lovely rich colour ways. The Black Edition from Romo doesn’t do just plain old red wallpaper, yellow wallpaper, or simply black wallpaper no, no, they do Carnelian, Chartreuse, and Ebony as colours….. and to great effect.



So who else has also similar designs to this? well as mentioned before other brands on the luxury wallpaper market Arte International and Elitis, and even Eiffinger have similar designs out there, not always as a flock wallpaper though, so maybe consider these brands if you like the look of black edition by Romo.




Continuing with the flock wallpaper theme from Romo Black we also have the Jackson wallpaper, (a possible reference to Jackson Pollock maybe? we like to think) which is a gritty abstract design. We believe we may have have seen something similar as a fabric in their zinc textiles ranges, but regardless again not just blue wallpaper here, but Neptune as a colour way, and red wallpaper, well no, Carnelian again, and of course charcoal rather than black.


The only thing we can offer something similar to this right to now of the top of our heads is, and it is not a flock wallpaper, but still a textured wallcovering and that is Dhari from the recent Palasini collection (which we covered here), from Designers Guild for that rough urban contemporary feel.


Zari is quite an interesting textured wallcovering which features a beaded design printed onto shimmering, metallic dusted grounds.


It goes without saying you will find this style of paper in Elitis and Arte wallpapers, but the Carte Blanche, Gracia and Chic collections by dutch manufacturer Eijffinger has some very similar papers in terms of flock, and metallic effects.


Next up is, and for us our favourite floral wallpaper of 2013, and even 2014, and it is the Eden wallpaper by Romo Black Edition. Flower wallpapers are always popular, but this is no vintage floral wallpaper here, this is just a truly stunning large digital floral print in three great colour ways and also available as a fabric in the Xanthina fabric range. If you were looking for a vintage floral wallpaper then we may have pushed you in the direction of sandersons but this is cutting edge. Here again not a purple wallpaper, no ,verbena to be precise. No yellow wallpaper either but daffodil and the red this time as Amaranth.



So large scale floral wallpapers have undoubtedly be in fashion over the last year or so Harlequin had Spirit in their Boutique wallpaper collection which  featured overblown flower heads, and is a great slant against the norm of flower wallpapers.

Carl Robinsons wallpaper designs have featured some interesting large floral designs over the last couple of years, and again could be used as feature wallpapers, why not.


Elitis had their exotic dandy a digital print wallpaper aswell from a few years ago.


And the Zoffany wallpaper, Phoebe, is also worthy of a mention as it is a beautiful large scale painted floral from the Zoffany Woodville wallpaper collection.


Eijffinger have also had their fair share of large floral wallpaper with their Muse wallpaper collection, much like Zoffany, large scale painted florals and big for sure, and for flower wallpapers would make a bold statement as a feature wallpaper.


Finally lets just mention one last large scale floral design from this year and it is Designers Guild Mattiazzo wallpaper from the Sukumala collection, a textured wallpaper but with almost a stained glass embroided filter effect so taking things slightly leftfield, nothing like a sandersons vintage flower wallpaper, no way, but interesting none the less.


Kew is also another great floral wallpaper design featured in romo black edition xanthina wallcoverings inspired by Magnolias, and perhaps this is where Romo fabrics set a trend as since 2013 Magnolias have been popping up all over on fabrics and designer wallpapers.



I don’t know if Monty Don was involved in it but anyway, Harlequin have a magnolia in their new Harlequin Momentum 3 collection a fine design called Lotus featuring painterly magnolia, finely engraved on soft metallic grounds.


Pallido is a striped wallpaper, and actually if you look at the older collections from Romo wallpaper it is no surprise as they have some fine stripes, and this is no different, a really good looking stripe with metallic shadow on neutral ground colours.


The only thing we can refer you to similar is the Lexington wallpaper from the Lexington collection by Zoffany which features scatter beads on an elegant striped wallpaper.


A wood effect wallpaper Silva is also included and of course there are countless others out there in the designer wallpaper marketplace from the likes of Eijjfinger, Threads and others. The wallpaper features on the cover of the quality sample books.


The rest of the collection for us is fairly non descriptive I mean we do like the Boheme wallcovering a luxurious mid-scale damask with a subtle fabric effect texture that gives it a faded look.


On the Bohemian faded tip we like the new Latania wallpaper from Osborne and Little Matthew Williamson Samana wallpaper range launched this year, of course different qualities, and more abstract than a damask wallpaper, but worthy of a mention all the same.


Kasbah is geometric design printed with metallic particles giving a subtly textured effect, and it feels almost tribal and very powerful in its clementine and moroccan blue colourways.


A possible alternative could be Designers Guild with their Serego wallpaper  in the Palasini collection.


The Varanasi wallpaper is a sumptuous geometric paisley design enhanced with metallic colours and beads, and of course paisley has seen a huge resurgence in the last year featuring on many designer fabrics and wallcoverings.


Check out Nina Campbell for Osborne and Little and her Khitan wallpaper from the Cathay wallpaper collection launched this year for some paisley wallpaper action.


Finally for Romo Black we have the Elysian wallpaper, which we are sorry to say that we don’t really get, and in our humble opinion if there is a dud in this collection then this surely has to be the winner? Described as a bold, simple damask trail incorporating a subtle shadow effect, but for us it remains non-descriptive.


So there we go, a quick review, we went off on a bit of a tangent with flower wallpapers, and even if you don’t like them you still have to appreciate the quality of the digital print on the Eden wallpaper, surely a great feature wallpaper for any room in the house. Hope you found all of this some use…

Don’t forget we also supply all of the Romo Black Edition fabrics and if you need any advice or assistance in your choices please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please also consider our made to measure curtains service where we produce custom made curtains from our own in-house workroom, therefore quality guaranteed, and as always using the finest designer fabrics.



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