OutDoor Fabrics – 9 Of The Best Collections

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OutDoor Fabrics – 9 Of the Best Collections


Outdoor  fabrics have come a seriously long way, and the latest textile science and man-made fabrics do a great job at standing up to natures elements and children’s mishaps.

So this year why not create an outdoor space that is both beautifully decorated and incredibly stylish with this selection of outdoor fabrics that can be used to upholster cushions, adorn sun loungers and dress dining tables.

The choices today are superb so if you have balcony space, or poolside even, why not dive in and select from some of our favourite collections:

1. Dedar

Dedar’s Summertime collection undoubtedly sets the bar for stylish and sophisticated outdoor fabrics, their Summertime Collection combines subtle, geometric prints with a colour palette that not includes your normal black, blue’s and red’s but also features zesty lemon, lime and orange.


Created from a solution-dyed polypropylene, these clever materials are designed to guarantee maximum resistance to light and weather conditions, meaning they’re not only great to look at but are strong and long-lasting too.


Above, designs from the Summertime collection are combined with the Basquette range.

2. Casmance Fabrics

Casmance In&Outdoor fabric collection has high lightfastness, weather-resistant and good abrasion resistance when both wet and dry, therefore perfect for outdoor use.


Not only that but it features six interesting designs in a vibrant colour palette that if you know the French Casamance brand, then you would have come to expect, and been disappointed if it didn’t deliver.


It is perhaps helpful to note that the colour does not fade if material comes into contact with chlorinated substances and salt water so ideal for the beach or poolside. Designs featured are Corte, Bonifacio, Calenzana and Girolata. Prices from approx £50.00


3. Kirkby Design

The contemporary and playful arm of the Romo Group, Kirkby Design has a catalogue of strong bold pattern and colour on their outdoor fabric ranges.


If you looking for something slightly off centre to furnish your outdoors then perhaps this is the collection to go to with designs like Terrazzo an intricate mosaic design inspired by Terrazzo stone flooring, Brick, a large scale geometric reminiscent of a computerized brick wall and Basket, an over-sized, simplified basket weave effect and Point, a graphic chevron design.


Terrazzo Plains are also available giving a versatile and practical offering a plain and semi-plain design in a selection of bright, fresh colours which compliment the prints above.


So a bold range of outdoor fabrics in extra-vibrant shades, from £33 a linear meter.

4. Robert Allen

The studio at Robert Allen have launched a collection of outdoor textiles, that bring bold colour, pattern and texture into our gardens and patios too.


All taken from their Dwellstudio Modern Bungalow it features over-sized botanicals, and exotic motifs alongside bold geometrics are all featured, bringing an explosion of print and colour to the garden (from £70.70 – £95.80m).

However the collection can also help with their calming colours, sophisticated patterns and unmatched durability of 100% Sunbrella yarns, outdoor fabrics.


Layer stony grays, soft browns and golden tans in a multitude of patterns and textures to add your own earthy influence to the great outdoors. So don’t be afraid to create your own all-weather surroundings by tapping into the soothing power of a neutral palette.

5. Ralph Lauren

No need to always go Nautical with Ralph Lauren, this year why not inject the smart look and a touch of the Hampton’s into your garden with Ralph Lauren Home’s Harbor collection.


His collection as you would expect features smart stripe designs inspired by the classic awnings of lakeside resorts. Just a cushion cover in Northport stripe, as seen above, will bring an enviable designer touch to your outdoor entertaining area. From £79 to £180m.

If you did still want to go nautical outdoors then be sure to check out the Ralph Lauren Maritime Outdoor Fabric Collection.

6. Carlucci Di Chivasso

Carlucci Di Chivasso, while perhaps not as well known as good old Ralph, he can take you Around The World with some of his fabrics, and this collection, named just that, is full of stylish woven outdoor fabrics.


This collection really does show it all from the classic wide stripe of Tory Tory CH2848, to the neat geometric fabric of Tam Tam CH2847.



Followed with the fashionable small houndstooth of Titan CH2850, and the cool bohemian stripe of Teaser CH2851.


The collection has all the T’s, it is now just down to you to cross the I’s and work out which one will best in your outdoor space, prices from approx £67 RRP.

7. Osborne & Little

Another collection that has it all and then some, is Osborne and Little Sea Breeze outdoor fabric collection. With a stain-repellent finish that is repelling to water and mildew, use these fabrics to upholster a stack of outdoor cushions to create an outdoor area that is both comfortable and stylish.


Colours from the contemporary Osborne & Little palette include mandarin, turquoise, ultramarine as well as essential tones for outdoor use such as green, grey, stone, ivory and linen, however remember that sticking to one colour can help keep the scheme looking sophisticated.

But no harm in going with these colourful outdoor fabrics and we especially like the way they make lighthearted reference to the cocktail hour with most of the names like Pina Colada, Magarita and that brazilian favourite Mojito. It extends our motto “don’t take yourself so seriously because no one else does”.


Great to see also they incorporate their beautiful Butterfly Garden fabric design in this collection, which features vibrantly coloured butterflies on finely detailed monochrome roses, and in a new turquoise colour.


Looks great on a sun bead or sunlounger don’t you think? Prices from approx £60.00

8. Zinc Textiles

Interesting to observe Zinc Textiles launch of their first ever outdoor fabric range, another Romo fabrics brand that is often more associated with city apartments and clubs than beach life, but everyone needs some time out.


As they state the collection “with a more relaxed approach than usual, textural woven patterns in white, linen and marine blue shades create a calm, serene feel.”


The collection includes five durable upholstery qualities and a usable semi-sheer with a delicate appearance, all specially designed for outdoor use, with mould, UV and stain resistant finishes. Prices from approx £59.00.

9. Thibaut Fabrics

The enormous US company, Thibaut Fabrics Courtyard Outdoor fabric collection is also their first of printed and woven fabrics ideal for accentuating indoor and outdoor living. The collection not only features printed fabrics but woven embroideries.

The printed fabric of coral gables outdoors looks great when paired with some Rattan furniture.


It features what you would expect a smart stripe in the form of Linden Hill, and floral design Bolton, alongside a stylish geometric fabric Gabriel.


As with other collections before a fashionable houndstooth design, Birdgeport is also included in an assortment of colours.


Indulge in Courtyard, with a nature-inspired mix of brights and neutrals, these colorfast and stain-resistant fabrics offer a little luxury for your outdoors. Prices from approx £50.00.

It has to be said we would say none are 100 percent sun, water and children proof, but many come close. Before stitching up, or purchasing pillows, cushions, or curtains, consider these four points:

1. Read the Fabric Label

It is generally known acrylic fabrics resist both mold or mildrew, and fight off oily stains more effectively than polyesters, because of their ability to draw off water quickly. So in essence an acrylic is more durable than other man made synthetic fibres.

2. Consider the Weave.

It goes without saying a plain flat weave with best resist abrasion, also always consider the Martindale Rub Test when considering fabrics for upholstery use.

3. Look at Both Sides of the Material

Fibers in outdoor fabrics are dyed before being woven, a term known as solution-dyed, so a long-lasting, fade resistant outdoor fabric will have an almost equal vivid front and back in terms of colour and pattern.

4. Check the Care Instructions

Consult the manufacturer’s website to see if the fabric can be cleaned with a strong bleach solution, which in reality it should be if the fabric is going to live up to serious outdoor life.

All of these outdoor fabrics can be brought online at TM Interiors Limited, with additional services available such as bespoke cushions and curtains.

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