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If you are searching for Nautical Wallpaper you may come across coastal and nautical interior styles as they are both closely linked to the sea and surrounding environments, but how do we differentiate between nautical and coastal wallpaper, is there a difference?

Coastal inspired interiors are a celebration of everything connected to the beach; with classic, clean interiors heavily reliant on white with subtle neutral or coloured accents. The coastal style emulates the relaxing feeling and environment of the beach.


Nautical styles take this ethos a step further with a vibe of anchors and bottles, ropes, maps, seashells, and fish.

Originating from 19th century England during the reign of Queen Victoria, who dressed her young sons in sailor suits, Nautical fashion style soon grew and crept into the realm of interior design.

nautical interior design style


So, what sort of patterns should you be looking for in a nautical wallpaper? In short anything connected with the sea and ships would work. Maps and anchors, ropes, light houses, boats, fish, sea horses and of course traditional sailor stripes would all fit.

Depicting seaside memories on board of an old yacht, the Seaman's Journal (below left) from eclectic brand Mind The Gap is a nautical themed wallpaper which lays out marine details of the abundant underwater life, as well as specific birds and plants found in the area.

Equally nautical but quite different in style, Sea Waves from the same design house is inspired by old Japanese block prints, creating an ethereal feel that traces the outline of the deep-sea waves. The perfect choice if you are looking for a nautical wall mural wallpaper.


Sailor (below left) Inspired by sailing boats heading for home at Cornwall’s picturesque Port Isaac, essentialy a boat wallpaper, but this captivating ocean scene wallpaper from Sanderson could be the perfect nautical addition. Shown below left in the vibrant Pacific colourway, the perfect match for crisp white spaces.

In contrast, Anchor Tile from quirky Barnaby Gates, is an unusual combination of Moorish influence with British nautical features. The design features anchors and chains in a tile-like formation. Nautical patterned wallpaper with a twist!



Ocean themed wallpaper complete with underwater life can be a key feature in your room. Acropara by Harlequin is a rich, heavily patterned, nautical wallpaper complete with coral and sea life in abundance, shown left.

Corales by Gaston Y Daniela is a nautical wallpaper with sea creatures. Featuring a beautiful water fauna and flora species design, this paper would add character and colour into any room.

sea themed wallpaper
fish themed wallpaper

Key colours to look for in a nautical theme would of course be blue and white, but why not also consider both pastel and vibrant accents (pinks, red and orange).

pink nautical wallpaper


Classically paired with white or ivory and other shades representing the sea, sky, and shore you can’t go wrong.

As mentioned already Nautical wallpapers are often patterned with boats, antique maps and lighthouses and Ralph Lauren always has this theme in hand as the examples below prove.


Ralph Lauren Nautical Wallpaper
Vintage Light House Wallpaper Ralph Lauren
Antique nautical map wallpaper Ralph Lauren

Ripley by Sanderson which is a quirky all over design from the Port Isaac collection, is inspired by the sea horizon with an ombre effect. Graduating tones in the Ochre / Slate colourway combine with a flash of colour.

The delicate blush shade of Shore Birds again from Sanderson shows how pastels can be used on a seaside themed wallpaper.


In contrast, bright turquoise and orange can create a very different nautical style. Atoll and Halfmoon by Harlequin Wallpaper will add a sophisticated nautical touch to any interior.


Don’t be scared to introduce a vintage nautical wallpaper into your space. Andrew Martin Latitude is an antique nautical map wallpaper detailed with shipping routes and the names of faraway islands (left) and Borastapeter New England Wallpaper has an antique feel.

antique nautical map wallpaper
nautical map wallpaper

Wood or timber is always an option to introduce into a Nautical Interior Design style and while not evidently nautical in theme, it can conjure the feeling of antique and worn wood aboard a sea faring vessel.

nautical wood wallpaper

Grasscloth and textured wallcoverings can also be another option to consider when bulding a Nautical Interior look, as they may help emulate a horizon or sunset with meaning, see examples from Casmance and Thibaut below.


Children’s bedrooms and playrooms are the ideal place to add nautical wallpapers. Fun and bright, Above and Below by Harlequin is the perfect nautical wallpaper for kids’ rooms. Tropical fish and jagged coral along with hidden treasure feature in this fascinating underwater world.

Childrens Nautical Wallpaper

Equally impressive as a nautical bedroom wallpaper for a child (or adult!) Armada by Casadeco is a more subtle and classic boat inspired design, while the beautiful boat wallpaper design of Borastapeter Sailboats is quite clearly a classic!



Which brands should you be considering for your nautical theme? We would recommend Ralph Lauren, and Borastapeter for classic stripes and nautical motifs, Sanderson and Harlequin for fun and light-hearted sea inspired designs, Cole and Son or Mind the Gap for quirky patterns and murals. Casadeco, Clarke and Clarke and Andrew Martin would also be suggestions for nautical theme wallpaper.

A sea view isn’t essential to embrace and enjoy nautical wallpaper in your home. Here at TM Interiors, we have a varied range of seaside inspired wallpapers on offer; so, if you’re looking for a subtle design or want to make a bigger design statement with a boldly patterned boat or underwater wallpaper then look no further.

Nautical inspired wallpapers can be sourced from TM Interiors either online or through our showroom in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, with additional custom-made furniture, made to measure custom curtains and blinds and interior design services servicing homes and clients across the UK.

29 August 2021