Harlequin Fabrics Amazilia and tropical print fabrics

Published on: Jan 23 2015 by admin

Harlequin fabrics Amazilla and tropical print fabrics

Harlequin fabrics unveil their latest collection Amazilla and it is of no real surprise it follows other brands with a collection of designer fabrics and wallcoverings that feature lush tropical motifs in rich colours and finishes.


We have mentioned before on this small inconsequential interior design blog how African, tropical and even tribal influences are moving around in the world of fabrics in 2015.


It is often said imitation is the highest form of flattery, so which of those brands should be flattered following the launch of the Harlequin Amazilla fabrics collection?

Well Matthew Williamson and Osborne and Little should surely beĀ  following the tropical prints and designer wallpapers included in the Samana collection.


We have seen Harlequin fabrics, older brother Zoffany borrow the Matthew Williamson style before for their Jaipur wallpaper if you consider it along side Matthew Williamson Tyger Tyger design.


However Matthew Williamson’s style was just one of a few that could be selected as an example for possibly directing Harlequin fabrics to launch their vibrant new range of designer fabrics exploring tropical prints and their exotic nature.

Sanderson fabrics Voyage of Discovery explored exotic pastimes, and included the big tropical print of leaves called Manilla. Much like the print House of Hackney became well known for.


Jab fabrics and the brand of Chivasso Monsoon explored the intrigue of bold tropical prints and style.


Christian Lacroix, for Designers Guild, in his Belle Rives collection had a large scale digitally printed palm forest vista.


Elitis fabrics had their Eden linen.


So as you can see many companies already supporting the look.

So just quickly our favourite fabrics from this new collection must be:

Like Sanderson fabrics Manilla, Jab fabrics Chivasso Monsoon the digital print Paradise from Harlequin fabrics is an artistic interpretation of tropical flowers and is very nice, really vibrant.


Any fan of the book Papillion, or the film, should adore this Papilio butterfly fabric arranged as if in a collectors box, and would not sit out of place in a Kit Kemp Boutique (hate this word) Chic look.


A nice floral fabric Kabala which is an over sized flower head.


Savanna a fun fabric featuring marching elephants in a procession.


Amazilla fabric features a hummingbird, and if you like bird fabrics be sure to check out the detailed Jab fabrics Birds Of Paradise design from Chivasso launched sometime ago. However we would consider the influence again of Matthew Williamson for Osborne and Little. Not because of the design, but because of the prevelant use of bird designs in his collections like Sunbird from Eden and, like Jab, another Bird of Paradise from Samana.


The Harlequin collection has the addition of a inventive durable upholstery fabric, almost pixelated, depicting tulips called Congo.


Aswell as an almost ikat spidery looking embroidery.


The accompanying Amazilia Velvets, are a printed velvet range, which you may have seen the look before in collections like Romo Blacks Astratto fabrics and are perfect either for upholstery or a rich pair of designer curtains.


The complimentary wallpapers also feature some of the fabric designs, like Amazilia featuring as a bird wallpaper, and Papilio as a butterfly wallpaper. If your looking for a long list of bird papers then visit a round up we did sometime ago on bird wallpaper.



So one of the best collections from Harlequin we feel we have seen for a while. The use of digital printing techniques in their collections has of course increased the overall appeal for us, and brings them closer into line with other brands such as Romo fabrics and Romo Black.

A wise move to imitate the likes of Osborne and Little, Matthew Williamson when his collections have shown much success for Osborne and Little.

The tropical exotic theme in designer fabrics is no doubt set to continue this year with the Christian Lacroix Nouveaux Mondes fabrics just out from Designers Guild.


Looking forward to seeing the African, tribal influences of the Pierre Frey fabric launch of their Origins collection come through,


Aswell as Elitis fabrics with their Out Of Africa range both showing at Paris Deco Off 2015.


So which UK tribe will be matching their French counterparts and beating the drum in September of this year? GP and J Baker have already touched on it slightly with their Langdale fabric collection, while Osborne and Little already show some support with their Keshi Velvets, so it will be interesting to see how these roots develop, or not.


In the meantime while its cold outside why not get tropical inside this season.

If you need any help, or advice choosing some of these designer fabrics for your home, or wish to make use of our made to measure curtain services where we can take any designer fabric and produce some custom made curtains in a fabric of your choice.

All produced from our in-house workroom so quality assured and with over 35 years experience.



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