Fern Wallpaper And Wallcoverings Selection 2019

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Fern Wallpaper and Wallcoverings For Home Interiors

With the changing of the seasons, and the feeling of optimism whenever the trees suddenly break into full bloom we are often reminded of the power of the colour green to delight and soothe when used in home interior schemes.

This is not a blog on how to decorate with green, but just remember as green is considered a hopeful and healthy hue, that can impart harmony and calm into homes, and never goes out of fashion, if you choose to decorate with green you are often making a sound choice.

Why? Well green can bring balance, peace and harmony to a space, and create a tranquil atmosphere, then an ideal place like your living room could be to decorate it in green. Remember though if you are using green on your walls consider how you want to feel in the space. A soft cool green will help it feel relaxed while a yellow green can energise and brighten up a room.

But what does all this decorating nonsense with green really have to do with fern wallpaper you ask…. well absolutely nothing, but as we associate green with a botanical look then why not consider a green fern wallpaper design, as ferns are apparently are not only all the rage, but the foliage of the moment, if you don’t want to go down the plain old route of green paint.

So as always your call and not ours, but here is a short round up of fern wallpaper or wallcovering for walls.

Sanderson Fernery Wallpaper

A large fern print wallpaper here, inspired by the nineteenth century craze for fern collecting and the drawings in subsequent botanist’s publications. Slightly vintage but a beautifully illustrated Sanderson Fern wallpaper design that displays diverse and characterful leaf shapes and fragile fronds. Sure to grow on your walls.

Scion Athyrium Wallpaper

Slighty sub-standard when compared with the previous fern leaf wallpaper from Sanderson, but reflected in the price so the old adage you get what you pay for applies here, but don’t let that put you off this Scion wallpaper that depicts layered fern leaves and fronds with delicate layered stems.

GP&J Baker Larkhill Ferns Original Green

This collection of decorative and individual papers encompasses exquisitely drawn florals and one of the most well-known Baker designs, the beautiful botanical Ferns wallpaper design, a classic stand out vintage fern wallpaper design.

GP And J Baker Ferns Wallpaper

If the original GPJ vintage fern wallpaper does not impress then why not consider the new and improved fern motif wallpaper the GP & J Baker Signature Ferns. Revamped in a new updated modern and fresh colour palette, found in their Signature Wallpaper range. Nice.

GP and J Baker Shadow Fern Wallpaper

Its not all about GPJ honest, but just suppose your looking for something a little more discreet then Shadow Fern could be your choice, a repeating fern motif wallpaper, in two tone, only available in a select number of colourways. Subtle!

Cole and Son Fern Wallpaper

Cole and son_fern-115-7021-wallpaper-botanical-botanica-cole-and-son-2
Oh a lot more going on here, by no means a simpler fern wallpaper design, as Fern takes us from the garden to the glasshouse where trailing String of Pearls spill from handmade macramé baskets and planters. A distinctly British botanical is a continuation of Cole & Son’s many striking studies of plant life with its hand-rendered, illustrative style in high summer palettes of Leaf Green & Olive as well as the dusky, winter tones of Viridian & Teal. They know their colour palettes.

Cole and Son Royal Fernery Wallpaper

cole and son_royal-fernery-113-3008-wallpaper-martyn-lawrence-bullard-cole-and-son-2
Lets get to higher ground with the Cole and Son Royal Fernery, yes Royal, a lush motif of abundant leaves with repeating ferns throughout, printed in chalky, all matte palettes of Khaki and Print Room Blue, Forest Green, Warm Grey, and the soft yet arresting Slate Blue and Blush Pink. The design’s tapestry-like feel originates from an old French archive piece making the paper an opulent feature in any interior, and was inspired by the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakesh, don’t you know!

Hooked on Walls Fern

May not be a household name but just like the dutch know their green, these Belgians spot a fern. Hooked on Walls Fern leaf design takes subtle imprints of various fern leaves and overlays them onto a base paper in four colour options to create a subtle textured look that could just branch out and mature nicely on walls where used.

Texam Fern Wallpaper

Texam wallpaper goes big with a large fern print wallpaper using laser marking on non woven felt this is no cheap wallpaper and it comes as a set of 3 panels to install. If you looking for a powerful statement wallcovering that will widen the outlook of the wall this maybe for you!

Harlequin Filix Wallpaper

You could go designer with Harlequin wallpapers Filix design taken from Clarissa Hulse Callista wallpaper range which takes a large repeating fern motif and just jazzes it up further in the five colour options available. The exquisite wallpaper design features tessellating ferns leaves pressed onto a natural-toned background, in a selection of sophisticated colourways. Coolio!

Harlequin Extravagance Wallpaper

harlequin_extravagance-111715-glimmer-gold-lucero-wallpaper-harlequin-1 The glitterati are at it with this one, another Harlequin wallcovering, their Extravagance boasts a silhouetted fern design with a sleek two-tone effect. The wallpaper holds hints of glitter which adds instant glamour, and adds a different dimension to a fern wallpaper design and this is taken from the Lucero collection.

Osborne and Little Feuille D or Wallpaper

osborne and little_feuille-d-or-w7331-01-wallpaper-folium-osborne-and-little-1
O&L do the classic and more traditional look with Osborne and Little Feuille D or Wallpaper, which features a trail of metallic leaves printed to resemble gold, copper or gilver foil which are set on a subtle background of silhouetted ferns. A slight fern design is enhanced by the softly coloured backgrounds which are blush, aqua, sage, stone, dove grey or cacao.

Romo Areca Wallpaper

Romo come up trumps again with this being the most recent design of the lot, as this Romo Wallpaper design provides impact by using dense palm fronds to create an exotic scene. Areca is infused with glistening metallics and presented in a broad palette of seven colour options, that ranges from useable neutrals to jewel tones. Impressive.

Are Ferns really the foliage of the moment? well anyway who cares I didn’t see it being cultivated at the Chelsea Flower Show but its not about that it’s about helping you find your favourite, and there are some fine specimens here. We may have missed some so either let us know or we will update it from time to time.

All examples above have various colour options so if you like the design of one, be sure to view the product page to see what options are available, it doesn’t always have to be green and white!

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