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Wallpaper Panels and Murals

The wall mural is undoubtably one of the oldest decorative treatments for interiors. Theatrical and dramatic with the ability to alter the proportions of a space, a wall mural is still one of the best ways to add colour and pattern.

Elitis Lost in plantation Wallpaper

In the past, a hand painted mural design would need to be commissioned, which could be very costly and take some time to complete. Brands like Fromental and De Gournay wallpaper were renowned, and still are, for their scenic hand-painted murals that are featured in some of the finest refurbishments like the Goring Hotel for example, in Belgravia, London.

Nowadays we all have an extremely wide range of mural or wallpaper panels at our disposal and with some creating thinking we can create whatever look or style we desire.

In this blog we will look at just some of the wallpaper panel ideas that TM Interiors can supply, how they can be used and any practical considerations. A hand painted mural design is the ultimate in luxury and will provide you with a one off, beautiful work of art for your walls. But modern printing techniques and designs allow you to create an equally dramatic feature wall or whole room with a faster turnaround and at a more realistic price.

Designers Guild Shinsha Scene 2 Blossom Wallpaper PDG1117-01

Shinsha Blossom wallpaper from Designers Guild which is shown above is a digitally printed decorative wall panel depicting cherry blossom trees against a beautifully soft background. With a hand-painted, watercolour feel the panel paper could be used to great effect in a light filled living space or hallway.

Wallpaper murals can be used like a piece of art in a room, there is no commitment to papering the whole space – you can simply choose the wall or walls to suit your furniture and room layout or you can use framed pieces of the paper to create a panel effect.

Villa Nova Ostara Wallpapers
Elitis Wallpaper Panels

Villa Nova Hot House Wall Mural seen on the left is a lively design is painted with confident brush strokes and verve that captures the organic and wild spontaneous nature of growing plant, in this dramatic 3m high wallcovering, that can be trimmed to suit the height of your wall.

While Elitis Bhiwani on the right can be made as a custom size on demand or as standard: 110″x118″ (4 drops 27″x118″), and these early examples show the diversity of pattern that is available in these panoramic wall murals.

Things to consider when using a mural / panel wallpaper?

As with most interior design elements you will need to think about your room function, the amount of light the room receives and the volume / style of furniture you are placing in the space. As a general guide, wallpaper murals tend to work really well in hallways and dining rooms where they make a strong impact and there tends to be less furniture placed up against walls.

Elitis Allegorie Wallpaper



The Allegorie mural paper (left) from the Domino range at Elitis is a bold and extravagant wallpaper which can be made to a custom size if required. It takes centre stage in this dining room with a simple oval table and wooden chairs.

Elitis have a number of panoramic wallpaper designs that are available in standard size or can be re-produced in custom sizes to match your wall perfectly.


It’s Complicated is a contemporary impressionist style large scale wallcovering from the ‘Desire’ Jessica Zoob collection at Black Edition. It looks really effective in this simply styled hallway and the painterly quality is a great contrast to the lines of the steel staircase.

There are some further fantastic striking abstract wall panel wallpapers within Romo Black Jessica Zoob wallcoverings range, where her paintings transferred to wallcoverings provide designs that are rich in imagination yet gently infused by emotion, so be sure to explore.

Jessica Zoob It's Complicated Wallcovering W384/01

Another Romo Black Mizumi wallcoveriing that depicts a breath-taking landscape scene, and continual pictorial panorama effect is this dramatic, large scale interpretation of Japanese artist, Katsutoshi Yuasa’s original woodblock print. The Mizumi design is a mural made up of six drops of wallcovering each measuring 320cm (126”) in length and 68.5cm (27”) in width. The complete design is supplied as two separate rolls (Roll A and Roll B) and will add interest potentially to either a hallway or living room space.

Romo Black Edition Mizumi Carbon Wallpaper
Romo Black Edition Mizumi Wallpapers

Living or sitting areas and bedrooms are likely to have larger sofas and beds which could cover substantial parts of a mural. Consider in these spaces using a design where the pattern is concentrated at the top of the panel or possibly use framed large-scale patterns to highlight areas away from or above the seating.

Osborne And Little Trailing Orchid Wallpaper




Trailing Orchid in the Folium collection from Osborne & Little (shown to the left) is a vivid depiction of over scaled orchids & delicate hummingbirds trailing from the sky.

The placement of the detail at the top of the panel allows you to locate seating in front without covering the pattern.

A simple sofa shape in a tonal shade will ensure the wallpaper takes centre stage!  


You don’t always need a wall panel mural to create a panel this wide width wallcovering, Elitis Pop has references to the 70’s and quite a retro feel, the Jailolo design is a bold floral mural wallpaper. Shown above in the monochrome colourway notice how it has been strategically used on a raised canvas above the panelling.  Again, this works well as the sofa does not cover the pattern.

The quality of natural light in a room can play an important part in deciding which decorative mural panel to use. A very bright room can work well with a strong pattern and colour as shown below. Villa Nova Amami Patina mural paper, heavily featured in Ideal Home Magazine, has been applied to the whole room, the dark green tones have been repeated in the furniture, fabrics and woodwork which has created a cohesive scheme.

Villa Nova Amami Patina Wallpaper

The painterly pattern gives a lovely link to the greenery outside and the light background to the paper keeps things from becoming too heavy.

In contrast Byobu (shown below) from the extremely creative Mind The Gap Wallpaper brand is a luxurious traditional Japanese design. Printed onto a metallic foil the paper will give a unique, eclectic feel to a space, perfect for an intimate dining room or corner of a hallway. The metallic paper will reflect the light whilst giving a dramatic depth to a space. If you prefer, the same design is also available on a textured matt paper. Perfect for hanging as one wide mural or in separate framed pieces this is a very versatile design.

Similarly, Zoffany Vendure from the Arden collection by Melissa White is a dark, atmospheric mural paper. Based on a late 17th century painted cloth it is the ideal solution for a darker, grand hallway or room in a period house. Teamed with antiques and grand floral displays this is a paper for adding impact!

Zoffany Verdure Wallpapers

If you are looking for something that truly re-creates the effect of a hand painted mural, then the recent range of mural papers from Lizzo could be a great option.

The Legend collection from Lizzo oozes European sophistication whilst reflecting the inspiration and techniques adopted from various global cultures. This collection is a collaboration with the Abstract painter Elena Carozzi and offers a beautiful panel design ‘Wild Garden’ that truly offers the look of a hand painted mural.

Lizzo Wallpaper

Lizzo Scene Di Interni Wallpapers is another collaboration with Elena Carozzi, it is an original limited series which combines the technique, knowledge and sense of beauty from both parties.

‘Foglie Di Vite’ is an atmospheric abstract depiction of leaves which has the feel of a hand drawn pastel work of art. Available in three striking colourways this is a truly spectacular paper.

Lizzo Foglie Di Vite Wallpaper

As mentioned before, wallpaper mural panels will be more economic than commissioning a hand painted design. But there are other tricks you can use to get the mural effect without breaking the bank.

Using framed wallpaper panels can be a cost-effective way of using a more expensive mural wallpaper as you use less paper. It also can make this look a feasible option if you were renting a property and cannot change the décor.

Panels can be pasted on the wall and framed with architectural moulding or for a less permanent solution used on a backing board in a picture frame (glass removed). Panels can also be full length or set to a height to suit your furniture giving you flexibility in how you use the paper and the overall cost.

Pierre Frey Alexandrie WallpapersThe image above left shows how effective a paper can look framed in panels. Used here to accentuate the bed and side table the framed wallpaper has been layered over a complimentary paint colour.  The wallpaper used is Pierre Frey.
Sanderson Wallpaper

Sanderson Wisteria Falls wallpaper panels from the Waterperry Collection (shown on the right) would give you a similar look. The paper is wide width, there are two different panels which can be joined together, used separately or cut into narrower framed pieces.

A chinoiserie wallpaper panel is a decorative and elegant addition to a hallway or bedroom. 3 hand painted panels have been used to great effect behind a console table in the above picture from House Beautiful. A hand screen printed wallpaper that can you can find from brands such as Pierre Frey, Nobilis and others would be a great choice to achieve the same aesthetic.

Cole & Son Fornasetti Senza Tempo Wallpapers


Don’t restrict yourself to floral panels, the hallway shown above on the left has utilized the Cole and Son Wallpapers Fornasetti Malachite wallpaper, a striking black and white organic design, in shaped framed panels. The monochrome palette showcases the wooden floor and simple furniture, a fresh take on a panelled hallway. Using mural papers or any wallpaper design in this way will mean you need less paper than you would to cover the whole wall.

Where else can I use a wallpaper panel?

Wallpaper panels do not need to be consigned just to our walls, Zorelli Aviator paper from Zinc has been applied to the front of built in cupboards (as seen below) As a premium price paper (it is a silk wallpaper panel) it might be too much to use in a complete room, papering the door fronts gives a luxurious and tactile finish with a contrast to the plain walls.

Zinc Zorelli Orient Wallpaper

Hand painted murals can often be seen on the ceilings of grand houses, the below shows a bespoke sky inspired ceiling. This look can also be replicated using wallpaper mural panels.

If your room isn’t too large (most wallpaper panels are approx. 3 meters drop) you could try using a paper such as the Ciel Liberte Aurore from Lacroix at Designers Guild, seen here on a screen divider to create a similar effect.

Christian Lacroix Incroyables et Merveilleuses Wallpapers

Alternatively, you could turn to Cole and Son Fornasetti Nuvolette wallpaper that has been used in countless installations to add great drama to that fifth wall the ceiling, to be used all over or in selective panelling.

Cole & Son Nuvolette Wallpaper
Cole & Son Nuvole Wallpaper


Looking for something unique?

If you fancy something a little bit more architectural with a different look, there are a wide range of 3D wall panels available. Using light and shadow as inspiration, 3D papers can be a wonderful way of adding texture and warmth to a space without the use of overwhelming colour or pattern. Perfect for a contemporary property. These papers can work equally well in panels or as a complete wall.

Arte’s 3D Spectre collection, turns your walls into a real showcase. With this exciting wallcovering you can create depth and a real optical illusion. The range has all kinds of styles from a plain play of lines on the Parquet design to the look of antique panel doors on the Caisson. Please also consider options from Elitis.

Arte Select Wallpaper

Arte Select Wallpaper

Embossed wallpaper panels can also give your room texture. These types of papers are generally vinyl wallcoverings and the patterns are raised in some way. They are a great solution for covering a wall with imperfections, some also have beneficial acoustic qualities. The Iroko collection from Romo Black Edition is an innovative range with an embossed surface. A deconstructed damask pattern is seen on the Papiro design shown below, it has been cleverly inset mount onto the wall to create a contemporary paneled feel to the room.

Romo Black Papiro Wallpaper

Textiles and grasscloth wallpapers are also being used to created elaborate wallpaper murals.

An example that comes to mind is the Arte Silk Road which features lifelike jungle scenery to create an eye-catching interior. Printed on a real textile with a natural look, combined with a subtle, golden background, brings this grand panoramic decor to life. This design is available with or without a Bengal tiger in the design.

Arte Silk Road Garden Wallpaper

Arte Java wallpaer is also an exuberant botanical design of tropical leaves with the feel of a hand-painted wallcovering which is printed in vibrant colours on a fil-à-fil woven jute, to give the wall unprecedented depth and an especially natural aspect.

Arte Java Wallpaper

Tips and considerations for using wallpaper panels.

Some ideas to make sure your wallpaper panels are going to suit your space.

  • Think about where you are using the paper, make sure the type of the paper suits the usage of the space. Use delicate, handmade papers in spaces where they will not be easily damaged and more robust designs for areas of high traffic, strong light and family spaces. Choose and locate furniture so it does not cover too much of the wallpaper panel.
  • Colour / shade considerations and wallpaper panel texture. Think about the size, shape and natural light that your space gets. Consider also your choice of furniture, fabrics, floor coverings and accessories to ensure the finished look is cohesive.
  • How does the wallpaper need to be hung? Modern wood wallpapers can be the standard paste the paper application or possibly use the paste the wall method. Make sure you / your decorator understand fully any specific supplier advice for hanging the paper to ensure you get the best finished result. Check all rolls before you begin work for any defects or issues and ensure you have enough for pattern matching, trimming and possible hanging mistakes. Some decorators specialise in certain types of wallpaper so if you are investing in a costly design ensure yours has worked with that type of paper before. Check the maintenance advice for wallpapers, some can be gently sponged, others scrubbed, and more delicate designs will need very gentle care.
  • Think of alternative ways to hang your panels, simple mouldings can be used to surround them, they can be hung in picture frames or they can be used on surfaces such as cupboard doors, screens etc.


Cost and price considerations when using panel wallpapers


Cost of wallpaper for a project will undoubtably be a consideration and this will depend on various factors.

  • Composition of the paper and manufacturing methods. Some panel papers are priced by the drop or by the whole panel design so check that it suits the area it will be used. Consider the width of the paper too, some papers are a standard 52cm but many will be much wider. Keep this in mind when working out quantities and how they will be used. Factor in any specialist pastes and possibly using a highly qualified professional to hang your chosen paper.
  • Chosen brand position in the marketplace. The style and type of paper will dictate the price to a certain extent however some brands and ranges command a higher price level than others. As a guide the ranges we have looked at in this article are priced between £43 a roll to over £150 per linear meter and above!


Here at TM Interiors we work with most of the current interior suppliers on the market, we have an extensive library of wallpaper panels that we can draw from.

Let us know where you are wanting to introduce a mural or wallpaper feature & your budget and we will be able to suggest some beautiful papers to bring your project to life. We can also fully assist you with your interior design project, upholstery and window treatments, flooring needs and accessory choices so please get in touch with our friendly team!

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Fashion Wallpaper Panels and Murals The Art For Home Interiors
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