A look at the Minakira Collection from Designers Guild

Minakari Wallpaper Designers Guild



A Look at the Minakira Wallpaper Collection from Designers Guild

The Minakari collection of wallpapers by Designers Guild is a celebration of Indian printing techniques and the result is a fabulous collection of 8 floral wallpapers, each available in a number of colourways. This Spring/Summer 2021 collection features a variety of printing techniques and styles so there is a wallpaper for every room. Choose from large scale flowers and vibrant colours to gentle damasks. The various printing techniques gives a mixture of different textured finishes, including a classic focked finish as well as textured contemporary surface prints. 


The Minakari wallpaper, which gives its name to the collection, was inspired by the beautiful Indian enamelware of the same name with its lustrous and vibrant colours. The Minakari wallcovering in the collection features large painted blooms and trailing leaves with a very soft geometric design providing a filter over the top which gives a contemporary feel to an otherwise classic floral print. The wallpaper is digitally printed and is available in two delightful colourways, Rosewood and the striking Cobalt.


The Mansur wallpaper is a beuatiful floral pring which is smaller in scale than the giant blooms of the Minakir wallpaper but the design is striking and offers real depth and character. There are five sophisticated colourways to choose from, our favourites are Eua De Nil, with its pale bluish tones, and the Graphite, whose strong charcoal base really makes the design stand out. The wallpaper is printed on an easy to hang non-woven ground.


Minakari Wallpapers Designers Guild Roomshot
Minakari Cobalt Wallpaper Designers Guild PDG1131-01
Mansur Granite Wallpaper Designers Guild PDG1125-01



The Minakari collection includes a luxurious flock wallpaper. Flock wallpapers have signified luxury since first appearing in the 17th century and this wallcovering is no different. The tactile design features a classic repeating motif and is available in three colourways. The Cobalt colourway pairs a bright green base with a flocked cobalt coloured motif, Espresso pairs gold with a black flock motif, and the Noir colourwawy offers a classic black and white design.


The Jangal wallpaper is printed usng a gravure technique applied to a non-woven ground. The result is a striking and beautiful wallpaper with exotic foliage and elegant branches shown in incredible detail. The printing technique enhances  the depth and shading in the design. With six colourways available there is a Jangal wallpaper for every room.



Fioravanti Wallpapers Espresso Designers Guild
Fioravanti Noir Wallpaper Designers Guild PDG1125-01
Jangal Zinc Wallpaper Designers Guild PDG1127-06



The Tarbana wallpaper offers a gentle almost ethereal floral design, the faded floral damask with light metalic highights, is stylish and conjurs up images of plaster frescoes. The wallpaper is gravure printed on a non-woven ground and is available in seven colourways, including a stunnning gold.


Tanjore features a leaf motif, printed with a flexo and surface print method to give a feeling of the hand painted original design. The result is a bold and contemporary decorative wallpaper, available in four colourways, a vibrant and striking cobalt, a strong graphite, a gentler gold, or the earthy tones of the moss colourway.



Tarbana Gold Wallpaper Designers Guild
Tarbana Gold Wallpaper Designers Guild pdg1126-03
Tanjore Wallpaper Designers Guild 1129-04




Traditional Indian block prints provided the inspiration for the Kasavu wallcovering where overlapping motifs have been arranged in tonal colours which gives a beautiful subtle striped appearance when hung,. The subtle layering of the print adds a further tactile quality to the paper making it even more desirable.


Pahari completes the collection, offering a mid-scale bloom with painted flowers set against a subtle damask base. The intricate detail in the gorgeous painted flowers creates real depth, the result is a truly stiking floral wallpaper with a modern feel. There are three colourways to choose from, the warming yellows in the Vanilla, the blue-grey base of the Platinum, or the darker almost aubergine tones offered by the Rosewood.



Kasavu Graphite Wallpaper Designers Guild
Kasavu Delft Wallpaper Designers Guild pdg1126-03
Pahari Wallpaper Designers Guild 1128-01

We think you will agree the Minakari wallpaper collection is a fabulous celebration of Indian printing techniques and the bright and vibrant colours are sure to brighten any wall. They are also complimented by a matching collection of beautiful fabrics which you can browse on our website.

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8 July 2021