Designer Fabrics Awards 2017

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Designer Fabrics Awards 2017

Quite a short random post (doing a lot of house-keeping this year but more on that later) regarding Homes and Gardens Fabric Awards 2017, and their selection of designer fabrics in 2017 worth considering.


You may, or may have not read our previous review of the 2016 awards (it’s not a great read).

It could be us, but the 2016 awards seemed to be quite heavily publicised, whereas this year it seems a lot of it has been done, more so, underneath the radar.

You may not have even noticed unless you were seeing the hashtags of #HGFabricAwards17 or #HomesandGardensUK floating about in cypberspace.

What have we noticed this year? well the awards to us mere mortals, seem just as random to us, as this blog is, and could be too you ……no real criteria, or at least published criteria.

We cannot bring you any of the judge’s comments as we can’t seem to find any but they did take place as you can see.


Anyway, what we do know is as over recent years the alliance with GP&J Baker is still noticeable, however they do not take any of the number one slots in any of the categories.

Oh no sorry our mistake I think they got a Best Go To Fabric which I think must be a new category.

Not sure who the judges were (anyone?), but a judge from last year Kit Kemp does take a number one slot for winning Best Woven Fabric….. who would of thought that.

Well regardless of all this, let us put down what we know:


Best Printed Fabric
Best Woven Fabric
Best Embroidered Fabric
Best Plain Fabric
Best Go To Fabric
Best Wallpaper
Best Wallpaper Collection
Best Fabric Collection

Without further a do:

Best Printed Fabric

Congratulations @No9Thompson for winning Best Printed Fabric with Amaryllis, Jim Thompson All the Raj Collection.


Nice to see Jim Thompson over at Fox Linton fabrics getting some kudos his Floriental Fabric range is also something to look at.

Best Woven Fabric

Congratulations, Kit Kemp at Christopher FarrCloth, for winning Best Woven Fabric with Criss Cross.


Well done Kit.

Best Embroidered Fabric

Congratulations, Sanderson, for winning Best Embroidered Fabric with Gunnersbury from the Sanderson Chiswick Grove Fabric range.


Chiswick Grove fabrics is a classic elegant collection in true Sanderson Fabrics style, which surely must have been considered a contender for Best Fabric collection this year.


Best Plain Fabric

Colefax Fowler, won Best Plain Fabric.

Best Go To Fabric

Congratulations Baker Lifestyle, for winning Best Go To Fabric with Salsa Square from the Baker Lifestyle Carnival Collection.


Good to see a new Baker Lifestyle Carnival fabric collection out in the market with a varied selection of designs.


Best Wallpaper

Congratulations, Christopher FarrCloth, for winning Best Wallpaper with Monsoon.


Well done Christo.

Best Wallpaper Collection

Congratulations William Yeoward at Designers Guild, winner of Best Wallpaper Collection for the William Yeoward Philippine Wallpaper collection.


Old William does love a bit of blue doesn’t he.

Best Fabric Collection

Congratulations Nina Campbell at Osborne & Little for winning Best Fabric Collection with Nina Campbell Les Rèves fabrics.


A great collection from Nina, a stalwart of the industry, Les Rêves wallpaper collection was also runner up in the Best Wallpaper Collection and Beau Rivage shortlisted in the Best Wallpaper category.


Also great to see Osborne and Little get some spotlight, I think there will be some celebrations next year for an anniversary and some further collections from Matthew Williamson fabric and wallpaper ranges for the foreseeable future is not a bad thing.

Over for another year, who knows maybe next years will be all glossed up like the Andrew Martin Interior Design awards and go all rock star on us. Hope not.

Needless to say all designer fabrics and wallpapers available to buy online and much more at TM Interiors Limited.

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