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Everyone has their own definition of what is cool, and perhaps cool wallpaper was not the best title of this blog.

So whatever your definition of cool is or could be, why not try and add a bit of individuality to your home through the use of wallpaper, and consider these innovative and distinctive wall coverings that we have compiled.

In this brief collection you will find some original and thought-provoking art work, to vibrant and flamboyant prints, these wallpapers, could and should, if used correctly create a stimulating and diverse space in any home.

So in no particular order:

Pierre Frey Street Art

How could you not start off a cool wallpaper blog post without referencing some graffiti. Have to be honest and say this collaboration surprised us here with the traditional French house of Pierre Frey fabrics launching a street art collection. Forget Banksy, or even Le Blat, Pierre Frey work with Toxic an artist who was among those who pioneered graffiti art in the 1980s, using the walls and trains of New York as “canvasses” for his early work.

With Kirkby Designs collaboration with artists John Bugerman could this be a start of a new trend or fad in interior design? Who knows.

Whether you dig it or not, check below, the designs of Eighty Thirty FP394001 and No Toys Allowed FP371001 and bring some urban art into your home interiors. Word.


Cole and Son Miami

Miami is as you guessed it, inspired by the exuberant architecture and colourful climate of South Beach, Miami. We would place this almost in the same vein as Matthew Williamson’s wallpaper collections for Osborne and Little. Slightly off centre but interesting none the less.


Osborne and Little Cubiste

Hot of the press for this, and featured in Osborne and Little Fantasque Wallpaper collection for Spring/Summer 2016. Inspired by the Cubism art movement developed by Picasso and Brauque it is a pleasure to view the cubiste wallpaper design featured in the collection. A design commissioned from Kit Miles (who we had never heard of!) features rectangular blocks of varying size printed digitally on the diagonal on a wider-width roll. Great stuff.


Cole and Son Circus

We suppose an apt follow on to the cubiste wallpaper above, a darn cool wallpaper (if you don’t mind us saying so) of equal measure is another Cole and Son wallpaper, this time their Circus design. As they say themselves Not for the faint-hearted but Circus is a real striking and vibrant design displaying a large-scale repeating panel of over-lapping multicoloured harlequins.Forget your walls it almost begs you to buy a new wardrobe and get it covered.


Braquenié La Menagerie

We think Toile De Jou wallpapers are making a bit of a comeback or should be with wallpaper designs like this from the Pierre Frey camp and their Braquenié brand. Cool wallpaper does not have to use the latest designs, trends, or techniques this has some captivating artwork featuring Zoological gardens. It is done is such a great way.


Nina Campbell Barbary Toile

If we are Talking of Toile wallpapers making a comeback then we couldn’t proceed without drawing some attention to this cheeky monkey, Nina Campbell’s Barbary Toile wallpaper, which from Osborne and Little’s description pays amusing homage to the monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar. Well it’s either that, or Nina Campbell caught a repeat of that TV series Monkey Magic from the 70’s, anyway another fantastic design.


Braquenié La Grande Voliere

What can you say stunning artwork and great design showing exotic life-sized birds among foliage. It just naturally draws you in, and sure not to everyone’s liking, but you have to admire the beauty of the artwork. If you don’t like it as a wallpaper, why not have it as a design on your trainers? If we are not mistake you can find some of Pierre Frey’s artwork finding themselves on to footwear and sneakers in the US.


Arte Wallpaper Charm

Arte wallcoverings mastered a new technique known as thermoforming, which is where motifs are pressed into fabric using heat which results in a three dimensional pattern. The resulting pattern and wallcovering is both thick and warm, and also provides acoustical insulation properties within a room. The Charm design has a classic elegant damask wallpaper motif pattern and looks great when paired using this modern technique. Do your whole room including floor and ceiling and then buy yourself a straightjacket and you’ll feel right at home.


Arte are not the only one’s able to produce these kind of wallcoverings, if you like the style be sure to check out Elitis and their Chance and L’Original collections.

Elitis Coron Wallpaper

Textured wallpaper was big back in 2015 but companies like Elitis and Arte have been producing interesting textured wallcoverings for many years. Not to everyone’s taste’s, their luxury weaving range introduces a number of different styles and finishes, and their Coron wallpaper with its hand dyed abaca bark contains the original playful patterns but with metallic threads slipped in for extra measure. Worth A look.


Sandberg Wallpaper Edvin

Traditional can be cool, and Sandberg wallpapers Tradition collection very cooley explores traditional wallpapers from a Swedish perspective. Eight designs in total but this Edvin is our pick. If you like the traditional wallpapers found in the likes of Cole and Son collections, or Thibuat, you will love these.



Carl Robinson Levington

A lesser known brand, or should we say designer from the states Carl Robinson (English born) who’s wallpaper editions, that currently run from Edition 1-14, and contain a vast assortment of qualities from textiles to wall art and speciality papers with beads and even Swarovski Elements. These editions are of exceptional quality, that of course come at price, but all the same some beautiful designs none the less. Just take a look at Levington for example which contain Swarovski Beads for a little bit of extra class. Be sure to explore all the editions.


Paper backed fabrics will, we feel, gain slightly more in popularity over 2016. Luxury wallpaper companies like Dedar, Elitis and Carl Robinson already have ranges to suit, and Zoffany plan to introduce their offerings with their Akaishi Wallcoverings.

So would you agree if any of this wallpaper is cool? Some possibly yes, others no.

The choices are endless these days and there are many more wallpapers we could have introduced, so perhaps another time.

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