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Well if you are out and about in cyberspace, on the quest for Chevron Wallpaper in the UK, or beyond, searching for that perfect chevron wallpaper design, be it large or small, black or white, hopefully this could provide a great resource for you, as we round up, with a slight review, some of the best chervon wallpaper designs from 2017.


Everything is covered here, in a multitude of design styles, from the perfectly formed large chevron designs, to over scaled chevron patterns on textured wallcoverings, and from grey chevron wallpaper (or gray depending on your lingo), to black and white, and then onto all the colours of the rainbow with some pastel tones thrown in for good measure.

Why would we be reviewing this in December, when surely, we should be giving you advice on decorating the xmas tree, laying the table and stuffing the turkey? Well that’s not really our thing at present, and Chevron is such a cool zig zag pattern, and a popular design in this last year or so, the designs and choices are well worth a mention.

Be warned prices vary, so do explore the product detail pages for further information, who knows you may just get lucky and pick up a saving along the way.

  1. Scion Vector Wallpaper

So, if you want a cool budget led chevron wallpaper, then this would be our pick from Scion wallpapers. Their vector wallpaper is a trend-led large chevron wallpaper design printed onto a non-woven wallpaper.

Available in five bold colour ways which means despite the fact they name it as slate, you can find it in either a grey or gray chevron wallpaper. Blue is also included of course.

If you want something slightly more edgier and off beat, while still cost effective, try Scion Dhurrie wallpaper which is a simple chevron with a textured edge seen below:

2) Harlequin Makalu Wallpaper


Taken from the popular Harlequin Momentum Wallpaper series their Makalu wallpaper design knows how to strike a pose. How to describe it, well, it has to be larging it if that is a description, for all intent and purposes, and whatever, this large scale statement wallpaper, embodied with chevrons graduating in colour and depth, is no doubt well suited for an individual modern interior with that all out approach. Very brave!

3) Harlequin Tresillo Wallpaper

Just as with striped wallpaper, who says a chevron wallpaper always has to run vertically, the Harleqin Tressilo wallpaper is a textured multi-coloured chevron wallcovering that throws that rule to the wall, with its damn funk design enjoying either a matt metallic, or moody grey ground. It’s just all cool and the gang for the walls.

4 ) Thibaut Piedmont Wallpaper


It could well break the budget no doubt, but this sensational design, taken from one of Thibaut Wallpapers Grasscloth wallcoverings range is a stunning statement wallpaper. A large chevron wallpaper in multi-colour layers, which displays a hint of metallic shine from the ground to help finish what is, and we will say it again, a truly stunning textured wallcovering. Looks delightful in the blue chevron colourway, but there are more options to choose from, so go explore.

5 ) Arte Combine Wallcovering

A fine example of taking black and white chevron wallpaper to a whole new level. This textured wallcovering from Arte is made from hand-woven sisal fibres, rigorously carved out and processed according to a refined traditional inlay technique.


Sold by the meter it is pricey, but if you love monochrome and want to give your walls more texture this is surely an option. It does come in a number of other colour options if black and white is not your thing. Combine 80650 by Arte Wallpaper featured in their Oculaire Wallcoverings collection is without doubt a superior large chevron textured wallpaper, and also a luxury wallpaper with class!

Just to kind of impress again, not all chevrons are formed equal and perfect, be it vertically, horizontally, or on a slant, like this example below. Again, from Arte Wallcoverings, their Cadance wallcovering, which is a non-woven wallcovering inspired by textures and patterns from the textile industry, combined with a patchwork of jute, and available in five colourways.

Just to go one step further with this one, in that not all chevrons are formed equal, then consider the three-dimensional nature of this wallcovering which has a smooth and soft look & feel. This is no doubt named and styled after Parquet flooring, but “chevronesque” anyway. Sure of course, not too everyone’s taste, but imaginative wallcoverings none the less from Arte International, way out there!

6) Osborne & Little Wallpaper Astoria W6893-01


What’s that……., it’s just fantastic we hear you say, well yes of course, it is an Osborne and Little wallpaper design, well known for their fashion forward approach, and taken from their aptly named Fantasque Wallpaper collection. This is pre 2017 but so good we included it. If that Art Deco Interior style is still capturing the imagination since the Great Gatsby film, then this dramatic chevron alludes to the landmark Waldorf Astoria hotel of the early 1930’s Art Deco period. It’s either that or you may just like us, love blue chevron wallpaper, and the illusive lure of the zig zag pattern, combined of course with it’s reasonable price point.

7) Schumacher Wallpaper Petit Feu


Is it a chevron wallpaper you ask? well originally introduced in the 1970s by the American brand Schumacher, Petit Feu is a modern interpretation of a traditional Bargello flame stitch to be precise. Either way a stylish zig zag wallpaper stripe that adds instant effect to any space or home interior. Be warned though import prices!

8) Carlucci di Chivasso Chinotto Wallpaper CA8258-021

If you want to give your walls some Italian treatment or luxury touch then perhaps Carlucci di Chivasso Chinotto Wallpaper is the chevron you have been looking for. Ultra slick, with almost a retro vibe, a textured chevron wallpaper all the same, and while only available in two limited colourways, it still has class.

9.) Romo Itsuki Wallpaper

Again just as the world is by no means perfect, nor does the chervon need to be, which is what this Romo Wallpaper named Itsuki, helps reminds us of. A design with an irregular organic nature, so while not traditional, interesting none the less, and available in eight colour ways, so an option for those looking for a grey chevron wallpaper perhaps.

10.) Missoni Zig Zag Multicolore

These have to be the Austin Powers of chevron wallcoverings, and we do not mean that in a bad way. Brian Yates Missoni Home wallcovering range offers a multitude of colourful proposals for decorating both commercial and residential interiors.

The iconic Missoni style, is depicted in endless nuances, shades and contrasts intertwined in endless innovative designs, which includes the iconic zig zag pattern for which the brand is well known.

If you are on the hunt for a chevron design with an impact and array of colours these Missoni wallpapers, wallcoverings and wall panels must be in your bag, as these can add some real vibrancy and energy to home interiors and walls.

The Missoni Zig Zag Multicolore vinyl wallcovering featured above is on a non-woven backing and is available both by the roll and wallpanel, so go all scoobie do.

While the The Missoni Zig Zag Sfumato, seen below, is available as a vinyl wallpanel, with wall panels becoming forever more an option these days for home interiors.



Where to buy all of these delightful designs then, well just an easy click on the link below to browse and buy the best chervon wallpaper online, including samples, from the worlds leading brands.

Chevron Wallpaper

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