Caring For Your Curtains Tips From Our Own In-House Workroom

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Caring For Your Curtains. Tips From Our Own In-House Workroom

Here at TM Interiors, we like to think we great quality custom made-to-measure curtains that are intended to last our customers for many years.


In the process we are often asked whether there are any tips or tricks customers can employ to help prolong the lifespan of their curtains and ensure they remain in prime condition for longer.

So with this in mind to start 2016 we decided to provide you with some fairly basic curtain care tips, but some tips none the less!


Utilise the brush or upholstery attachment in your vacuum cleaner – run it up and down your curtains regularly in order to get rid of any surface dust or dirt that may have built up.

If you have a steamer, you can also use it to help remove any creases that may have formed in your curtains, so that they hang just perfectly.

The ability to wash your curtains in a washing machine will be dictated by the material they’re made from, and whether they’re lined or unlined. Unlined and voile curtains can generally be washed and dry cleaned – but it’s important to remember that they could shrink ever-so-slightly on doing so. If you have your curtains interlined it is generally not recommended to wash them due to shrinkage.


If your curtains have been washed, hang them vertically to dry so that the creases naturally drop out. Try not to expose them to too much sunlight – over-drying can set the creases further. If you want real precision and crisp smoothness, iron the curtains when they’re still slightly damp. Put the iron on a very low setting, turn your curtains inside out and gently sweep the iron over the surface.

Dealing with sunlight

Curtains are exposed to sunlight a lot – especially in south-facing rooms. It’s important to protect your curtains from too much direct sunlight, otherwise the colours will fade, and certain fabrics (like silk) may start to rot especially if you have not protected the leading edge with a boarder or trim. Install some roller blinds directly behind the curtains to keep out most of the direct sunlight, or invest in some black-out linings.

Other tips

Try not to touch your curtains any more than is really necessary. The natural oils on your fingers can pass onto the fabric, which then makes it a magnet for dirt and dust.

Re-dress your curtains regularly to maintain their appearance and ensure they’re not developing odd creases.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions! Not every cleaning technique or solution will be suitable for every type of curtain. For example, synthetic curtains have a flame-retardant treatment, which could potentially be ruined by the wrong type of cleaning treatment. A little research will go a long way in keeping your curtains in perfect condition.

Made To Measure Curtain Service

Of course should you need an online quote for made to measure curtains, then please consider our services by using our online quote system where you can browser literally 100,000’s of designer fabrics from well known brands such as Romo fabrics, Harlequin fabrics and Designers Guild, and the ability to checkout online with curtains and roman blinds of your choice.


If you are in the market for more custom made curtains with trims, valances and pelmets etc our in-house curtain workroom with over 35 years experience can assist you, please contact us with your requirements.

It was nice to receive a review following delivery and installation to a customer for some Romo curtains, here’s what they had to say:

“The service provided was superb, from the initial estimation through to fitting. Tom and Jan were very detailed, knowledgeable and really helpful. We are very pleased with the curtains and cushions and will definitely use TM interiors again in the future. I have already recommended the company to family and friends.”


Images shows curtains hanging prior to delivery and installation.

So if you are in any doubt about the quality of our workmanship please see all of our reviews over here.

We hope this brief blog helps in caring for your curtains, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you wish to use our services.

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