Botanical Fabrics – Part 2

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Botanical Fabrics

….Part 2

Continuing from past years, the trend of everything green, leafy, and botanical is still going strong — and it’s no wonder why. Who doesn’t love a room filled with natural colors, relaxing plants, calming greens, and bright botanical fabrics?


Although, when it comes to bringing natural elements into your home, it doesn’t just mean introducing flourishing plants and flowers to your living room. From pieces of artwork to the wallpaper to textiles, you’d be surprised at how many different ways you can introduce botanical-inspired elements into your home.

One popular way to bring the outside in is to simply add in some botanical print fabric, on the curtains and upholstery.


As mentioned in our previous botanical article, Botanical Fabrics: Liven Up Your Home, greenery — Pantone’s colour of the year in 2017 — didn’t just include the vibrant green of spring leaves, but also included the deep green earthy tones of forests, masculine sage greens, pale shades of mint, and strong jades.


We’ll explore again well-known brands like Linwood Fabrics and Thibuat who adopted botanical print fabric and tropical-inspired themes into their popular design collections, along with other companies like Gaston Y Daniela.

With the effortless blend of leafy prints and calming green tones, the latest interpretation on botanical style will transport your home to a lush, relaxing environment.

However, if you’re not into shades of green, tropical takes on other colors, such as blues and purples, are another way to bring the botanical theme into your home.

We hope the following design elements will inspire you to bring in tropical and botanical pattern fabric for curtains, upholstery, and fabric accessories.

Linwood Fabrics

Linwood Tropicana Fabric

Taken from the Linwood Tango Prints collection, the Tropicana fabric features large scale tropical prints with floral accents to bring in a lively and vibrant element to your home.

Linwood Tropicana Ochre Fabric LF1981C-001
Linwood Tropicana Charcoal Fabric LF1981C-003

The Linwood fabric brand moves away from it’s heritage and gets inspired by the movement and the somewhat cha cha cha, life of the Argentinian dance. Linwood’s design team has revamped the classic collection designs with fresh, effervescent colours. Rich printed velvets are the perfect pair to sit alongside light linens for curtains and blinds.

Thibaut Fabrics

Thibaut West Palm

Bring the outdoors in with Oasis, a collection of coordinated Sunbrella indoor/outdoor soft and luxurious botanical fabrics that incorporate Thibaut’s signature style. The high-performance fabrics in this vibrant and vivacious collection are lightfast and stain resistant, offering long-lasting beauty, style, and durability.

Thibaut Fabrics
Thibaut West Palm Woven Blue on White Fabric W80562

Sunbrella fabrics can withstand intense light, so they are a great option for poolside and outdoor terraces. Although, Sunbrella tropical fabrics can also be used in indoor spaces, like sun-filled porches and window seats. Ideal for headboards, bedding, dining chairs, and barstools, Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned with a wide array of detergents – even bleach – and can be washed without experiencing shrinkage! If you want further options then be sure to explore our outdoor fabrics ranges.

Zimmer and Rohde Fabrics

Zimmer and Rohde Paradiso

The Z of the German brand of Zimmer and Rohde fabrics is in full effect here so bring a touch of tropical into your home this year with Zimmer and Rohde’s Paradiso printed linen and “Paradiso Wall” raffia wall covering.


No doubt, we could all do with a little more tropical in our life! The tropical watercolour print layers bold and bright colours alongside beautifully subtle graphic details. Paradiso linen is available in four colourways and Paradiso Wall is available in three.

Pierre Frey Fabrics

Vue D’en Haut Fabric

Illustrating the lushness and deep greens of the Amazonian rainforest, Pierre Frey’s Vue D’en Haut botanical print fabric is part of the Natecru collection, inspired by the aerial views of the tropical paradise. Bursting with vibrant green tones and layered with the look of canopy leaves, add a touch of botanical bliss into your home with Vue D’en Haut, printed on light and airy cotton fabric.

Pierre Frey Vue D En Haut Brun Fabric F3204001

Kobe Fabrics

Kobe Reflect Fabric

The subtle darker green tones and botanical print of the Kobe Reflect Fabric bring in a light touch of tropical to your home. Not too much, not too little; the perfect style addition to curtains or upholstery.

Kobe Reflect Fabric
Kobe Senses Reflect
Kobe Senses Fabrics

And when a brush or slight breeze causes the fabric to move, you’ll appreciate the slight shimmer that arises from the tropical leaves detailing the fabric.

Casamance Fabrics

Casamance Mohave Fabric

Casamance Fabrics
Casamance Mohave Fabrics

Inspired by the rocky, desert landscape of Arizona, the Casamance Mohave fabric is designed with exceptional shading and striking contrasts. The intense colours of gold, yellow, ochre, and deep red capture and mimic the effects of light on the rocks and desert leaves. No doubt, the Mohave fabric captivates, inspires, and fascinates, and gives a slightly different twist to the botanical theme.

Nobilis Fabrics

Nobilis Barbades Botanica Fabric

Consisting of French extravagance and exotic botanical scenes, the Nobilis Barbades Botanica Collection adds adds a touch of leafy luxury to any room, whether it be in the curtains, blinds, or cushions (or all!). Within the Nobilis Barbades Botanica fabric, there are jacquards, prints, embroidered verdant life and large geometric patterns, all in vibrant colours.

Nobilis Barbades Fabric 10733_08

Mark Alexander

Mark Alexander Botani

A high-brow brand includes this stylised, hand drawn leafy botanical design within their portfolio and it is screen printed on to a fine, pure linen in many layers of subtle tones to create a rich depth and vintage character similar to that of a discharge print. You’ll find the subtle tones paired with the lush, leafy look are the perfect touch to a room filled with contrasts.

Mark Alexander Botani Fabric

Cole & Son Fabrics

Cole & Son Palm Jungle Fabric

Cole and Son fabrics, who would have thought, that yes they take their well known and loved designer wallpapers and pack them into the ICONS Fabric range which is a covetable textiles collection combining detailed pattern and vivid colour in signature Cole and Son style. Lightweight linen, crisp cottons, and luscious velvet bases are accompanied by beautiful silk embroidery and jacquards which can be used in decoration as both drapes and upholstery, providing a captivating design option for contemporary interiors of any home. Which includes this beauty of a botanic the Cole & Son Palm Jungle Fabric.

The dense leaves of Palm Jungle create a vibrant, tropical focal point in deep shades of Ochre and Petrol, and Viridian, as well as classic crisp tones of Petrol and Snow, China Blue and Snow, and Leaf Green and Olive.


The slightly heavier Linen Union composition means that Palm Jungle can also be applied to upholstery, as well as curtains, blinds and decorative pieces for general domestic use. Also available in 100% linen.

Gastón Y Daniela Fabrics

Gastón Y Daniela Costa Rica

Perhaps less well know, but still worthy, Spanish brand Gaston Y Daniela Costa Rica fabric is layered with pronounced, lush leaves and contrasting tones. Adorning your windows and cushions with the Gastón Y Daniela Costa Rica fabric adds a vibrant touch of tropical to any room. The heavy cotton-linen blend material and multipurpose use means you can add a bit of the rich jungles of Costa Rica to any area, whether it’s the drapes, upholstery, or cushions.


Gastón Y Daniela Retiro Fabric

Giving them a further plug the Gastón Y Daniela Retiro fabric is part of an eccentric collection, complete with a captivating scheme of intricate detailing, like graceful butterflies and fresh figs, as well as lush leaves.


Gastón Y Daniela combines ingenious technologies with captivating historical designs throughout their collections. This is especially so in the Retiro fabric, where the traditional style brings us back to the period of discoveries in a uniquely bold design. The printed fabric, which is a combination of viscose and linen, is perfect for curtains, blinds, headboards, and upholstery.

So if your looking for that tropical fabric for curtains or upholstery to pair with some natural elements such as a wooden floor and re-inforce a botanical scheme we hope this has helped. To take everything in don’t forget to visit part 1 of our blog, by clicking the image below for some further options, and of course we can assist you with the purchase of any of the furniture, lighting, curtains and flooring to bring a botanical scheme to life with over 40 years within interiors please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Botanical Fabrics – Part 2
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Botanical Fabrics – Part 2
Exploring the theme of botanical fabrics and tropical print fabrics within home furnishings and exploring some of the best options for use as curtains and or upholstery fabrics.
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