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Published on: Jun 09 2014 by admin

We took a look at the Emma Bridgewater fabric collection from Sanderson fabrics in a previous blog it occurred to us how similar it is in style to another collection released by Baker Lifestyle (GP and J Baker) a couple of years ago, the Opera Garden collection.

Sanderson Fabric Emma Bridgewater GP&J Baker Opera Garden fabric Porcelain
sanderson-fabrics-emma-bridgewater-prints sanderson-fabrics-emma-bridgewater-prints-1 Baker Lifestyle Opera Garden fabrics Baker Lifestyle Opera Garden from GP& J Baker

So if you do like the look and feel of the new collection from Sanderson fabrics it would be worthwhile taking a look at the Opera House fabric collection from Baker Lifestyle even though the colour palette used is far less bold than Bridgewaters colourful prints.

gp-and-j-baker-Porcelain-PP50329-1 gp-and-j-baker-postcards-PP50339-1

It is not just the fact that the collection features the Procelain Garden and Postcard fabric and wallpaper designs, seen above, with its reference to porcelain, that reminds us of the print collection from Emma Bridgewater and her association with pottery, and that particular “The Dresser” fabric from Sanderson. It is actually the collection as a whole, as even though the colour’s are slightly more refined in Opera House, we feel the patterns and design share similarities.

See the Tumbling Leaves next to Egg & Feather, and Bantam Trail alongside the Coral fabric for example..

gp-and-j-baker-tumbling-leaves-PP50342-1 sanderson-fabric-egg-and-feather-DEMB223436 gp-and-j-baker-bantam-trail-PP50325-1 sanderson-fabric-coral-fabric-DEMB223452

Not only is it the close resemblance to pattern design it’s also the fun, and informal feel of some of the fabric designs expressed in both collections. Baker Lifestyle’s Opera Garden House features the playful rare breed fabric and wallpaper featuring chickens, and the relaxed bow-tie fabric featured on a cushion here:

baker-lifetysle-rare-breed-chicken-wallpaper baker-lifestyle-bow-tiw-garden-trail-fabric

So these are just some of the fabrics from the Opera Garden fabric collection from GP&J Baker, under the Baker Lifestyle brand, that we found to be in the same vein to Sanderson fabrics new Bridgewater Prints , hope you too can see the similarities and be sure to take a look….

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