13 Wallpaper Panels That Can Make Any Interior Shine

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13 Wallpaper Panels That Can Make Any Interior Shine


If you feel like your home needs a renovation, besides the furniture change, you need to consider changing the appearance of the thing that has the most impact on your interior: the walls. Painting your walls is one way to do so, however, it is outdated and dull, so why not get creative and consider giving your walls a fresh touch of wallpaper panels? Truth is, with the right wall panel wallpaper you can create marvelous effects in your rooms.

It’s your work of art on the walls. When redecorating with wallpaper panels your creativity has no limitations. You can match and mix colors that go well with your furniture elements and décor, as funky, or as neutral as you wish.

In this edition, we have selected 13 wallpaper panels we feature in our shop and decided to give you a short intro to each one of them. All is left for you to do is to click the one that interests you and start creating a masterpiece on your walls.

1. Zoffany London 1832 Wallpaper



If you’re looking to create a little graphic artistry on your walls, we suggest you go with this large-scale wallpaper panel in silver/grey that depicts the city of London as it was back in 1832. The most convenient thing about this wallpaper design by Zoffany is its colour. Nowadays grey is the new black when it comes to neutral colors that match every interior no matter how colored or basic/minimalist it is. Plus, to keep things from being ordinary and dull, you have an antique London map in full glory that gives an excellent artistic effect.

London 1832 312623 Silver by Zoffany Wallpaper sizing information:

  • Digitally printed as a wide width of 137cm wallcovering.
  • Sold by the repeat of 132.2cm and multiples.

2. Zoffany Holkham Bay Pebbles Daybreak Wallpaper 312663

If you want to go for a slightly more vintage look, we understand. This Pebbles on Holkham Bay by Zoffany can support either a sophisticated look as an impression in the back, or elevate a country feel by bringing this scene right to the front indoors. The original artwork is actually an oil painting that depicts Holkham Bay Pebbles as part of a landscape of vast sands, dramatic sky and turbulent sea with waves carelessly dribbling onto the sand. Minus the horse.

Zoffany Holkham Bay Pebbles Daybreak Wallpaper 312663 sizing information:

  • Printed as one continuous roll measuring 68.6cm in width
  • There is a cut line for each drop

3. Zinc Wallpaper Marbleous Panel ZW112-01


This digitally printed wallpaper is for all those nature lovers in all its forms. It shows a marble-like design in three different colors to make sure you’re able to match it with your interior. On the photo above the blue version is shown, however, here you can see the rest and pick the right one for you.

Marbleous Panel Connemara ZW112/01 by Zinc sizing information:

  • Repeating blocks of marble on a massive scale of 3 x 5 meters

4. Designers Guild Giardino Segreto Scene 1 & 2 Wallpaper

Continuing the vintage theme, you can also opt for these elegant paintings one or two that present a serene painterly garden effect, that will bring a softness to your room, and home interior where used. It’s printed in the closest detail showing calm blue skies and trees. The two scenes of one story can be matched or used separately, according to your taste.

Designers Guild Giardino Segreto Scene 1 & 2 Wallpaper sizing information:

  • Sold per panel set on a single roll comprising of 2 x 70cm wide drops each 3m high – coverage 4.2m2

5. Harlequin Quintessence Wallpaper


Nature is indeed an infinite source of inspiration whether it’s about interior designs, clothing lines, wallpapers and so on. Above, inspired by nature’s delicious gifts, we have the Harlequin Quintessence Wallpaper shown in white.

However, here you can also see it in black. It’s a perfect addition to living rooms and bedrooms, but we leave up to your imagination to decide which room it will beautify.

Harlequin Quintessence Wallpaper sizing information:

  • Each panel is sold untrimmed.

6. Cole & Son Nuvole Wallpaper


Intended for the fellow wanderers and expats around the UK and the world, the Cole & Son Nuvole Wallpaper will have you daydreaming of what’s beneath the clouds.

No matter what your color preferences are, this black&white patterned wallpaper with a greyish tone will follow any interior style creating a gorgeous backsplash to the heavens above.

Cole & Son Nuvole Wallpaper sizing information:

  • 270cm wide x 265cm high panel

7. Anthology Obsidian Panel Wallpaper


As part of a collection of innovative wallcoverings from Anthology, Obsidian presents an original ink and salt-printed silk fabric. It will create a detailed background that looks sophisticated and perplexing at the same time. This alluring design flows perfectly in the kitchen or as a statement wall in your living room, injecting intensity and colour inspired by geology and crystals. You can choose one of the four colours presented here.

Obsidian Panel A 111596 Azurite – Anthology wallpaper sizing information:

  • Sold in panels of 3m length by 140cm wide

8. Elitis Amore Mio Wallpaper VP-858-01


This wallpaper panel looks as lovely as its name, Amore Mio. Let people know your sweet, lively Italian-style with bold colors. No matter where you are, it may remind you of the gentle summer breeze, and holidays by the sea. The thing that makes this wallpaper different than the rest, quality-wise, is its fire-resistant characteristic. Also, it is washable and resistant to stains and scratches. All prolonging its durability for your utmost satisfaction.

Amore Mio VP 858 01 sizing information:

  • Sold by the roll – 3 drops 1 m x 3 m

9. Elitis Cuba Libre VP 603 01


Elitis continues the warm breeze with their next wallpaper panel inspired by Cuba. If you ever find yourself dreaming of exotic lands, this panel is made just for you. The versatile print gives you the freedom to match it to all kinds of interior styles and colors.

Havana is just a click away.

Elitis Cuba libre Wallcovering VP 603 01 sizing information:

  • Consists of 4 strips of 1 m x 3 m

10. Elitis Galerie Des Glaces


Create an antique mirror effect all around your walls by using this Galerie Des Glaces by Elitis.

If an illusion is something you are after, then use this over sized panoramic mural wallpaper. People will stand in awe when they see it.

Galerie Des Glaces by Elitis sizing information:

  • Panoramic 3m x 3m sold by the roll with 3 strips (3m x 1m)

11. Armani Iolanta Wallpaper GA4-9400


In these times of fast-paced living, where everything around us is hectic, we give you a chance to create a serene setting at the comfort of your home.

Available in two laid back colour ways, colored green and neutral grey, this tranquil wallpaper panel will let you wander into the woods to get your daily dose of relaxation you so strongly need.

Iolanta GA4 9400 by Brian Yates wallpaper sizing information:

  • 87 cm wide x 3 m length – sold as a set of 4 lengths

12. Arte Bark Cloth Wallpaper


The creation of an intense, mesmerizing interior often requires the same of your walls. However, some wallpaper will not always satisfy the style. This is why we chose to present you the textural Arte Bark Cloth Wallpaper that comes in 5 bold, statement colours. Match them with your furniture or with subtle color pops in the décor scheme and you will create your own interior masterpiece. It is conveniently washable with a sponge and you can remove it simply by stripping it.

Arte Bark Cloth Wallpaper sizing information:

  • 130 cm wide x 310 cm height

13. Lizzo Wild Garden-05 Wallpaper


Gardens, flowers, and greenery, in general, are fantastic ways to include some richness of vivacity into your life. Being constantly surrounded by uplifting designs in this style in the comfort of your home, you can’t help but be in a good mood at all times.

Which is why we believe Lizzo Wild Garden-05 Wallpaper is the one for all you nature lovers looking for some freshness in your life. It comes in two colors, serene pink and fresh green.

Lizzo Wild Garden-05 Wallpaper sizing information:

  • 70 cm wide

If any one these caught your eye don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional information. Note that each wall panel comes with the necessary adhesive and samples from our online shop.

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13 Wallpaper Panels That Can Make Any Interior Shine
With the right wall panel wallpaper you can create marvelous effects in your rooms.
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