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Designer fabric from leading brand names such as Designers Guild, Osborne and Little, Zoffany, Thibaut, Nina Campbell, Harlequin fabrics, Sanderson fabrics and the more exclusive names such as Pierre Frey, Nobilis, Dedar, Jab, Elitis, Zimmer and Rohde, and more. Explore our full range of Designer fabrics here.
Designer Accessories.
designer accessories
Designer Upholstery and Bespoke Upholstery Services
bespoke furniture
Designer Paint from well know companies such as Designers Guild, Sanderson, so for any shade and finish we have it covered. Zoffany paint, and Little Greene Paints all available at TM Interiors Limited.
designer paint
Designer Lighting from the likes of Porta Romana, Bella Figura, and Andrew Martin
porta romana lighting
Designer Rugs to give your home a contemporary look and feel. If you are looking for a modern rug then try Brink and Campman, Sanderson rugs, Harlequin rugs, Scion rugs, Morris & Co rugs and also Zoffany rugs. We also carry Designers Guild rugs, including their Royal Collection, and and Christian Lacroix ranges. Custom sizes available on most of our rugs contact for further information and see our full ranges of rugs here.
designer rugs
Designer wallpaper from a diverse range of brands including household names like Osborne and Little, Designers Guild, Thibaut, Zoffany, Romo, Sanderson, and Harlequin wallpaper to buy online. Alongside the more luxury wallpaper brands of Andrew Martin, Arte, Brian Yates, Dedar, Elitis, Eijffinger, Nobilis, Pierre Frey, and more. View our full range of designer wallpapers here.
designer wallpapers
We specialize in made to measure curtains, and while others may go to John Lewis, those that want the real quality and finish come to TM Interiors Limited. Why? Because all of our custom made curtains are produced in-house from our very own curtain work room established for over 35 years, therefore we guarantee the quality and finish your require for your bespoke window treatment. With an installation service also available for a wide geographical area please consider contacting us for a quote using our made to measure services.
made to measure curtains
2015-09-19 06:25:44
Designer Fabrics - Home Interiors AW2015 #2 Part two of just a short review on what we are seeing with this year as far as designer fabrics for hom... read more ›
2015-09-02 14:41:00
You would be forgiven that those in the interior design world went to sleep over the summer period, and lazed around outdoors on outdoor fabrics , sip... read more ›
2015-06-20 05:31:22
Upholstery fabric that can make a statement is back in fashion and there is an abundance of floral prints around this summer worthy of covering an ind... read more ›
2015-05-15 15:50:59
Cloud Wallpaper With an abundance of tropical prints & botanical designs heating the interior design world of designer fabrics and wallpapers of ... read more ›
2015-05-01 15:42:56
Butterfly Wallpaper Butterfly wallpaper for home interiors seem to be popular of late and with some really interesting designs over the last year we ... read more ›
2015-01-29 19:21:00
Ombre fabrics | Tie Dye fabrics | Curtains The new collections from Casamance celebrates their 15th anniversary and also sees the collection contin... read more ›
2015-01-23 16:46:56
Harlequin fabrics Amazilla and tropical print fabrics Harlequin fabrics unveil their latest collection Amazilla and it is of no real surprise it fo... read more ›
2015-01-16 08:03:02
Osborne and Little Pasha fabrics Just received news from Osborne and Little of their new Pasha fabric and wallpaper collections, just before they unv... read more ›
2015-01-13 11:34:32
Christian Lacroix fabric Soft Jardin Exo'chic We spent a day recently as part of our made to measure curtain services working with a Christian Lacroi... read more ›
2015-01-10 12:13:54
Printed Velvet Fabrics In the world of Interior Design somewhat of a revolution has been taking place, and in the words written in a poem by Gil Scot... read more ›
2015-01-08 16:26:17
Made To Measure Curtains Watts of Westminster There are of course many companies online offering made to measure curtain services, but where we like ... read more ›
2015-01-07 19:00:04
If you are looking for a floral fabric then why not consider a Magnolia design. Magnolias in terms of designer fabrics, of course alongside the always... read more ›
2015-01-03 09:43:20
Designer Curtains Paisley Looking back over 2014 we noticed a few common threads or what could be described as curtain fashion that became prevalent ... read more ›
2015-01-02 10:14:22
Now into the New Year and with trade shows approaching many of our designer brands prepare for the launch of their new collections, here is just a qui... read more ›
2014-12-29 07:44:52
Sanderson fabrics from the Walker Greenbank Group, follow its associate brand Zoffany, in announcing their offerings for the forthcoming year in way ... read more ›
2014-12-24 14:02:21
Advice on buying designer curtains online It can be an often confusing process for some when considering what window treatments you should choose for... read more ›
2014-12-22 18:02:44
Zoffany Zoffany fabrics announce their new Constantina Damask collection due for launch early in 2015. A taste of what is to come has been emailed... read more ›
2014-11-28 17:36:04
What is Flock Wallpaper Flock wallpaper has been seeing a resurgence as far as we are concerned, since around 2005, as both the designs and technique... read more ›
2014-11-20 16:41:00
Designer Fabrics The launch of the new Autumn collections for many of the designer fabric houses coincides with some awards held by some the interior... read more ›
2014-11-11 14:32:57
Feature wall wallpaper ideas A feature wall is always an option for any room, and will always be a way to add colour, pattern and texture to the room... read more ›
2014-11-01 12:49:47
2014-10-29 17:17:28
Romo Black Wallpaper Romo fabrics (The Romo Group) in 2013 launched their new brand Romo Black Edition and the idea was to create a new luxury fabric... read more ›
2014-10-22 14:21:55
GP and J Baker Langdale Following on from Decorex GP & J Baker announced their new collections for Autumn 2014 and their associated brands of Bak... read more ›
2014-10-03 16:15:21
Its taken a while to get round to writing up a review of Decorex 2014, as always this time of year it gets busy with new designer fabric and wallpaper... read more ›
2014-09-24 13:05:54
Osborne and Little, straight after their latest announcement of the new Osborne and Little Matthew Williamson Samana fabrics and wallpapers, and their... read more ›
2014-09-04 15:30:21
[schema type="product" url="" name="TM-Interiors" brand="Zimmer and Rohde" manfu="Zimmer and Rohde" ]With the interior desig... read more ›
2014-08-27 16:45:49
<h1 id="h1style">Jaipur fabrics Zoffany</h1> The formidable Zoffany brand announce their new Autumn collections and it is being hailed ... read more ›
2014-08-19 15:58:05
Osborne and Little have just announced the new collection by the much in demand interior designer Nina Campbell. Cathay fabric collection takes its na... read more ›
2014-08-18 16:36:21
Palasini wallcoverings are Designers Guild new textured vinyl wallcoverings available in September of 2014 and are designed to complement the new fabr... read more ›
2014-08-16 09:42:12
Zoffany following the trend of textural wallpapers and building on the success of their recent textural vinyl collections, such as Akita wallpaper col... read more ›
2014-08-15 09:27:25
Matthew Williamson launches a new collection of exotic fabrics, and co-coordinating wallpapers for Osborne and Little, inspired by an island paradise ... read more ›
2014-08-13 16:35:33
We eagerly anticipated the launch of the Zoffany Woodville fabric and wallpaper collection following its announcement last year, as mentioned in anoth... read more ›
2014-08-12 13:45:21
[ezcol_2third]Designers Guild launch their autumn collections for 2014, and we are lucky to have the sample books in our showroom, and these appealing... read more ›
2014-07-14 16:02:31
Romo fabrics launch their new ranges for 2014, and it's been a while since their last. I suspect mainly because they have been focusing on their new R... read more ›
2014-07-01 16:10:19
So this is by no means intended to a be a wallpaper styles of 2014 (and no relation to Harry Styles hair from One Direction either!) or a trend settin... read more ›
2014-06-18 17:35:14
GP and J Baker launched a while back their new collections of designer fabrics and wallpapers "David Hicks by Ashley Hicks for GP and J Baker" this ti... read more ›
2014-06-14 09:24:03
Zoffany have just announced news of a launch of a new paint finish which they are calling their Elite Emulsion. Zoffany Elite Emulsion is by their acc... read more ›
2014-06-13 11:18:20
Bird wallpaper for your walls! Really? Well yes it's just one of those things that you either like or dislike. Anyway we at TM Interiors Limited thoug... read more ›
2014-06-12 07:38:26
Scion rugs have added some new modern rugs to their ever expanding portfolio of fresh designer rugs for your home interiors. These modern rugs in asso... read more ›
2014-06-11 07:58:11
Harlequin fabrics have just advised of a new rug to made available with it's launch this September. Again this designer rug is in keeping with all pre... read more ›
2014-06-09 10:53:48
We took a look at the Emma Bridgewater fabric collection from Sanderson fabrics in a previous blog it occurred to us how similar it is in style to ano... read more ›
2014-06-03 16:00:18
Sanderson fabrics a couple of months ago launched their spring collection for 2014 and it is in association with Emma Bridgewater, who is well known f... read more ›
2014-05-30 08:08:06
Harlequin fabrics release the latest collections of their Harlequin wallpaper ranges. These two collections have actually been out for some time now, ... read more ›
2014-05-27 15:35:22
Designers Guild fabrics launch a new collection, or should we say quietly put together a compilation, by Tricia Guild and designers guild over at desi... read more ›
2014-03-11 16:53:18
The last I believe of the WalkerGreenBank brands to do so, The original Morris & Co, founded by "the" William Morris, an outstanding designer form... read more ›
2014-03-05 11:23:32
As reported in other blogs a trend recently in the world of interior design is the collaboration between fabric houses and artists. In the past where ... read more ›
2014-02-28 09:39:50
Harlequin fabrics Jardin Boheme collection launched at the turn of spring is a vibrant collection, while maintain subtlety in its prints and patterns.... read more ›
2014-02-11 10:47:31
Designers Guild alongside the release of their spring Kaori fabric collections as discussed in a previous blog post have launched some new rugs to ac... read more ›
2014-01-31 18:00:58
The spring launch from Osborne & Little includes the artistic and eclectic Verdanta fabrics for drapery and cushions, Corniche velvet and jacquard... read more ›
2014-01-24 20:37:20
Sanderson Home has launched a collection of rugs which accompanies the fabrics and wallpapers they produced in the middle of 2012. In much the same wa... read more ›
2014-01-23 07:27:59
Designers Guild launch their new collections Kaori fabrics and Surabaya wallpapers. The collection includes graphic prints of hand painted and hand... read more ›
2013-12-09 04:28:28
Sanderson fabrics have informed us of their new fabric collection to be launched in early 2014, with a promise of brightening up our days until next s... read more ›
2013-12-06 12:50:08
Walker GreenBank have just announced the launch of Zoffany's forthcoming fabric collection in early 2014. The Woodville collection as described by the... read more ›
2013-10-25 15:31:36
We welcome the new collection of fabrics in our showroom from Osborne & Little and designed by the fashion designer Matthew Williamson. The collec... read more ›
2013-10-16 15:33:42
Design house Zoffany launch their long awaited rug collection, and as with all the other Walker Greenbank companies, reliable and highly skilled Dutch... read more ›
2013-07-12 13:08:08
    We thought we just announce the pattern books for the new Designers Guild have arrived in the showroom today do call in if you... read more ›
2013-06-20 15:40:28
Brink & Campman, a leading rug manufacturer, now produce designer rugs for the Harlequin brand producing a luxurious collection of hand tufted rug... read more ›
2013-06-20 14:00:26
Sanderson in collaboration with Brink & Campman launch their new designer rugs collection for 2013 which we uploaded sometime ago onto our website... read more ›
2013-02-26 05:35:33
Designers Guild launch their new Seraphina fabric collection in muted accessible pallettes, and their inspiration is taken from pre-raphaelite dress a... read more ›
2013-02-19 16:23:11
We have just added the Braemar wallpaper collection from Nina Campbell to our online shop. In our own humble opinion, it is an impressive collection o... read more ›
2013-02-12 12:54:49
French fabric house Lorca has launched a new wallpaper collection Louisiane Wallpapers. As advised by the Osborne & Little website, the title of t... read more ›
2013-02-12 12:22:48
Manuel Canovas 50th Anniversay ... They celebrate with the launch of their 50th Anniversary collections and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of ... read more ›
2013-02-09 18:58:03
Osborne & Little's most recent collection of wallpapers Persian Garden Wallpapers concludes with what they a describe as a 'conversation piece', a... read more ›
2013-02-06 22:07:54
A third for good luck...... read more ›
2013-02-06 22:07:08
One more for measure...... read more ›
2013-02-06 22:06:19
This is only a test.... read more ›
2013-02-05 09:46:23
Welcome to the new website, we do still have more work to do on here, but we do believe it functions aswell as our previous website. Should you hav... read more ›
2012-10-15 07:57:20
This is an example page. It's different from a blog post because it will stay in one place and will show up in your site navigation (in most themes). ... read more ›

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